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13_Yachtsman 2015.qxp_Yachtsman Magazine 19/08/2015 4:31 pm Page 40 Club Yachting Wild Saturday By Commodore Ian Audsley Harlequin taking on the wind before the storm As most of you are aware the Broken Bay and SOPS Fleets were hit by an extreme weather event on Saturday November 1st which came with virtually no forewarning, impacted different spots in varying degrees on the courses and obviously placed our Fleets in an extremely hazardous environment which included, 60+ knots of breeze, low visibility and confused and rough sea state with incoming tide running against the wind. Whilst there was much damage reported to some of our members physical capital, including the loss of my beloved Etchell Kalika, it is incredibly comforting to note that our most precious human capital came through safely if not very wet and a bit sore and bruised. On behalf of all members I would like to commend our Sailing Office and broader Management team as well as our Race Officers for their actions on the day, the execution of our Incident Management Plans and safety protocols in the most testing of circumstances was a credit to all concerned. our Safety Auditors, Preparedness for Sea Committee and many others, for their diligence to ensure we remain prepared, as best possible, for these type of incidents. We have, of course, also started a complete review of our systems and procedures and have already made plans for some technology upgrades and implementing some other minor procedural refinements. I have also written letters of thanks to the members of the Public who provided assistance to some of our Club members who were in dangerous predicaments and equally commend our fellow members who provided support to other boats and/or showed good seamanship in helping get their fellow crew back to safety and in reasonable order. Finally I would like to personally thank all members who have offered their condolences on the loss of Kalika, however there will be Kalika 3 (Kalika 2 is my Laser Radial) and of course I am overwhelming grateful my crew and I, as well as all our members and staff out there on the day or onshore playing their part, It is also timely to thank our various committees who oversee our safety, including are around to tell the tale. 40 The The Alfred’s Alfreds Yachtsman Yachtsman