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13_Yachtsman 2015.qxp_Yachtsman Magazine 19/08/2015 4:28 pm Page 4 From the Commodore extensive across a number of areas from our introductory and developmental Most members will have heard me publicly and privately speak of the Alfred’s Sailing Programs for both our young and not so young as well of course our as the best Yacht Club in the world, a Integrated disAbled Sailing Program where our “Best Community Engagement statement I firmly believe in with, to name Initiative” award is due recognition of the tremendous support of members who a few reasons, our World Class Facilities, have generously shared the Club, their time and helped raise funds to provide a elite level sailing achievements, unique platform to integrate sailors with disabilities into the Club’s regular sailing community engagement in our great sport program as well as ongoing support for Sailabilty. and most particularly a unique Club community committed to our Excellence • The Club’s Excellence in Sailing continues to be most publicly represented by in Sailing ethos in servicing the broadest some outstanding individual and team performances on the international and range of sailing aspirations. domestic stage with, to name a small selection, Nina Curtis, Jason Waterhouse, Dan Fitzgibbon and Liesl Tesch continuing to excel in their respective Olympic and In the year under review we have seen Paralympic campaigns, Cameron Miles winning two One Design State Championships our Club community exemplify the above and runner up at the Etchells Nationals and Mid Winter Championship, 3 of Top and really come to the fore in dealing with: 5 in Finn Class Nationals,outstanding results at Youth Nationals in Fremantle,our • Two extreme 20-30 year weather events which tested both on water safety Cruising Division completing their thoroughly well planned and managed Tasmanian procedures as well as our physical assets. In these cases our Club Management, Cruise and of course the Wild Oats team continues to excel in all elements of its volunteers and the broader membership did an exceptional job in protecting our sailing program from Wednesday afternoon racing to the Sydney to Hobart Blue most precious human assets and minimising the impact on members prized Water classic. boating assets as well as the Club’s physical assets. • Maintaining and enhancing the Club’s world class facilities where we have a number of key projects underway, highlighted by the revamp of the Centreboard precinct with the Moonbar building and the Jack Gale Centre well underway which will service the requirements of our Centreboard and the broader Club for many generations to come. Our Maintenance and Development Committee together with Club Management have done an outstanding job in navigating the many administrative hurdles and optimising design and construction to ensure the wonderful legacy embedded in our physical assets is being maintained and enhanced for current and future generations of members. Of course, sitting behind our successes, is a framework committed to the sport at all levels, including developing an outstanding sailing pathways program catering for the broadest range of sailing aspirations and participation points, from introductory to elite and everything in between with a cradle to grave offering which most importantly supports our key objectives to embed a long term positive engagement with the sport across all our touch points. As always I look forward to seeing everyone making the most of our wonderful sport of sailing and our wonderful Club. • Consistent with our Constitutional objectives, our community engagement remains Ian Audsley 4 The The Alfred’s Alfreds Yachtsman Yachtsman