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13_Yachtsman 2015.qxp_Yachtsman Magazine 19/08/2015 4:30 pm Page 36 Club Yachting Technology assists RPAYC on journey to create a secure Club By Lauren Scheffers, AFN Solutions Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a Yacht Club without security cameras. Traditionally though, the industry has relied predominantly on guarding services to protect the assets of members. The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club has embraced the recent shift towards security-related technology and implemented a highly comprehensive security solution, without eliminating the human component all together. keys from the Clubhouse, but simply scan their access card to gain access. Facilities Manager David Randall says investment in security has long been a priority for the RPAYC, but also sees the system capable of being used as much more than just a security system. “What’s really great is we see a real opportunity to utilise the systems for more than This year marks a fantastic six year relationship between local technology company just a security purpose. Moving forward the data will assist from an operational AFN Solutions and the RPAYC, and offers an opportunity to reflect on the exciting perspective, where we can improve the experience for our members through more journey from RPAYC’s basic security guarding service of six years ago, to the highly efficient allocation of resources,” David said. advanced and integrated solution they have today. The RPAYC plans to further increase security measures and system functionality Six years ago, AFN’s Managing Director Darren Ruger visited the RPAYC following this year in order to provide additional protection and convenience to members. a request for additional guarding services. The conversation quickly moved towards The short term plan includes additional IP cameras overlooking the marina and a more technical solution, given Darren’s natural affinity towards all things tech. A further alarm and access upgrades. security master plan was conceived during this initial conversation, and nears completion today. Security can be incredibly cumbersome and labour intensive, but the solution at RPAYC brings in a strong technology presence and streamlines processes for both the RPAYC and its members. “My whole philosophy with AFN is making things easier for businesses and their customers. This is often through technology, but vital also is not forgoing the human element,” Darren said. AFN’s security solution at the RPAYC includes high-definition IP cameras, alarm and duress monitoring, alarm and access control and after hours guarding. The solution is “smart” in that all components are in some way integrated, giving the RPAYC a comprehensive surveillance system and a clear picture of how the Club is being used. Most recently, high level integration between AFN’s Protégé GX and RPAYC’s club management system has generated a highly streamlined alarm and access control solution. Members are provided access permissions based on membership level. AFN have also upgraded the Hardstand Jib Cranes so there is now no need to collect 36 The The Alfred’s Alfreds Yachtsman Yachtsman AFN Solutions is Australia’s leading provider of next generation security, video analytics, and environmental technology. The AFN team create individuallytailored solutions to achieve the unique and ever-evolving objectives of any business. High definition cameras / surveillance • Intelligent video management systems • Video analytics • Alarm and access control • Traffic management systems • Solar solutions • Guarding and freight auditing services This range is constantly evolving, paralleling the rapid advancements in securityrelated technology.