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13_Yachtsman 2015.qxp_Yachtsman Magazine 19/08/2015 4:30 pm Page 32 Club Yachting Dicko Cup 2015 By Ivor Burgess On the 24th January 2015 six boats left to challenge for the Dicko Cup in a race to Hallets Beach and back over 2 days for the right to be named as the 43 recipient of this trophy. to see former Commodore, Ross and his partner, Jenny Scoble and past winners, Steve and Rosemary Merrington (Express) and John and Sue Ellis (Sirocco) plus of course the uninvited goannas. Allen Stormon worked tirelessly running a tender service for showers at Picnic Rock plus all the trips to the beach and back always with a smile on his face, and It was a beautiful summer’s day with a an encouraging word for the older crew members. 12 knot sea breeze and calm waters for Day 2 presented the challenge of very little wind until the start was moved to the trip around Lion Island. The fleet Flint & Steel. Elaine Fowler who was wonderful on the radio called the fleet to was led by XS Moment who left the order and we all followed Alfred’s 1 down the river. With XS Moment not competing fleet spread out over a kilometre. on this day L’Esprit with a big number 1 led the fleet in a 10/12 knot breeze and However much to everyone’s surprise at Lion Island was ahead by 8 minutes. On the way to Mackerel Beach disaster an unnamed member of the fleet was struck when L’Esprit sailed into a huge hole and stopped dead, Still Dangerous discovered in the lead between Stokes kept to the eastern shore and sailed passed to win the race by 10 minutes. In the Dicko Cup Winner Ivor Burgess with Allen Stormon Point and Mackerel Beach having had spirit of the race some competitors declined to round Mackerel and went straight a navigational error and missed Towlers Bay, a prize was subsequently presented to Stokes Point, everyone understood why. for this error. The race run by volunteers Alan & Elaine is an excellent Club event and hopefully XS Moment gained line honours followed by Still Dangerous and L’Esprit who with the cruising division returning from Tasmania will be more patronized next was handicapped by towing a dingy. year. To all the competitors, a big thank you and it was great to catch up with That night at the BBQ on Hallets Beach about 80 people attended and it was great some old and new faces. Still Dangerous in the Dicko Cup 32 The The Alfred’s Alfreds Yachtsman Yachtsman