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13_Yachtsman 2015.qxp_Yachtsman Magazine 19/08/2015 4:30 pm Page 25 Club Yachting Ladies’ Report: 12 Years in the Making By Lyndall Bacon start we quickly made our way to the first mark. Unfortunately for us, so did the rest of the fleet which turned into a particularly scary buoy rounding for me as I got tangled in the runners and was launched off the side of boat with my toes holding onto the tiller. I somehow managed to steer it around the buoy and quickly regained some control, also realising - I had a lot to learn! The next boat to conquer was ‘Flying Colours’, a Cavalier 35. This was certainly easier to handle than the 11metre but the spinnaker was also twice the size - starting the learning curve all over again! Next we ventured up to ‘Hussy’, a Sydney 39, which to my mind was the most enjoyable boat to steer and understand. But alas, my jubilation turned to sheer terror when John Bacon announces the arrival of ‘Dark Star’ an MC38 in the middle of the season thereby surrendering our leading position with Hussy in the series. Back to the drawing board! I love this boat new boat for the incredible exhilaration it offers but not for the whiteknuckled, neck-crunching, wide-eyed apprehension of watching the spinnaker It has only taken us 12 years to finally join some of the most talented and notable (hopefully)