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13_Yachtsman 2015.qxp_Yachtsman Magazine 19/08/2015 4:29 pm Page 20 Club Yachting Solitary Islands Race By Stephen Collopy Start of the Solitary Islands Race After a long race of shifty calm conditions in the Club Marine 34th Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Race that commenced on Friday 2nd January, competitors were once again pleasantly cursed with calm conditions for the Solitary Islands pursuit race today, but it was a “chilled” way to end this year’s event. officials to award place getters at the presentation back at CHYC based on the tracker’s ‘distance to finish’ information as at the limit time no boat had crossed the finish line. During the Islands race, Out of Sight, skippered by Mark Gorbatov made it into Coffs as the last boat to finish, with a friendly wave upon arrival their persistence and A little squall engulfed the start of the pursuit race that started inside Coffs Harbour, stamina paid off. Well done and congratulations. giving the first, smaller boat starters like Corrobboree a huge lift out of the harbour. Final Placings for the Solitary Islands Race: Unfortunately the wind and rain left as quickly as it started leaving late starters and 1. Corrobboree those out the heads a windless chase to the island. RPAYC’s Pretty Woman managed 2. Amante to conjure up enough puffs into her sails to tack out of the harbour for South Solitary 3. High Anxiety Island after being station with Adventure Safety Jem for some time at the heads. Robbo Roberston Denis Cooper Marcus Grimes Alice Tarnawski (a participant of the RPAYC Youth Development Squad), on board Pretty Woman found the race “interesting” with the windless conditions “We started last and spent a good