The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 97

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR C hris started at the Club as a Centreboard parent with his two daughters who both race and train in Optimists. He saw the opportunity to become a member himself and in his first year with the Club he joined the Centreboard Committee and was assigned the task of Volunteer Coordinator to attract and organize volunteers to run the racing each Sunday afternoon through summer and at each Ice Breaker event during winter. To assist in the management of Centreboard volunteers, Chris introduced an on-line system called “Dutyman” which is a system that schedules all the volunteering positions required each Sunday and allows the registered volunteers to log on, assign themselves a duty, or swap duties with other volunteers. Centreboard Racing requires a minimum of 15 volunteers each race day, which some weeks can be a challenge to organise. As well as maintain the Dutyman System, Chris constantly needs to email the volunteers and remind them to assign themselves for a duty. Below is a short list of his volunteering duties. • Member of the Centreboard Committee. • Organises and maintains the Dutyman volunteering system. • Email reminders to volunteers to have them sign up for duties. CHRIS ATTWOOD, RPAYC VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR • Volunteers each and every week as a Rib Driver or on the start boat. • Completed the Club RO course. • Volunteers as RO for Centreboard Racing. • Completed driving courses for Alfreds I and Alfreds II. • Briefs the volunteers each race day prior to racing. • Provided input to Above and Beyond Yachting for the manuals on Alfreds I and II. • Assisted in organization of the East Coast Championships held at RPAYC last winter. Photo: Rear Commodore of Centreboard David Taylor presenting the award to Chris Attwood. YAC H T SMA N 95