The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 94

ARCHIVES COMMITTEE REPORT T he Club Archives Committee has had a busy and productive year. The committee members are: Richard Hudson (Chair), Bruce Staples, David Kennedy, David West, Robert Cole, Peter Kennett, Bill Ebsary, John Lanser, Julia Hornsby, and Scott Dunstan. Management Support is: Suzanne Davies, David Randall and Kate Roy. The Committee is very grateful for the support we have received from management and the Board. With our many projects we have had numerous requests for support all of which have been answered promptly and efficiently. The Club History Book is progressing well. After some delay with finding a committed author, Bruce Stannard was engaged to undertake the project. Bruce is a highly regarded and passionate author with a close and long standing relationship with our Club. He commenced work last year and is making impressive progress with an expected publication date of the middle of next year. A significant step forward for the preservation and storage of our Club’s archives has been the establishment of a dedicated Archive storage room. The room has been set up with appropriate shelving and workbenches to enable safe and proper storage of material and also to enable committee members to work efficiently. The relocation of the Club archives has been a major time consuming project, with every item evaluated and thoroughly documented prior to placing in the new storage. A by product of this project will be the establishment of a Club library which will be located adjacent to the southern end of the Edinburgh Bar. The library is expected to be completed in September this year. The evaluation of the Trophies during this process has provided the opportunity to establish a plan of refurbishment of our trophies. The Club has a valuable collection of trophies and the committee has identified a number that will require work. This work will be done over the next few years, subject to budget constraints. The History Walk was completed in July. The walk comprises twelve signboards at various locations describing items of interest. I encourage those who haven’t already done so to view these. It is our intention to add further locations as required. A map of the walk will be available at reception. September this year sees the completion of the History Wall. This will be located on the ground floor corridor and depicts the 150 year history of the Club. This has been a major project instigated by Rob Cole, supported by David Kennedy, David West, Julia Hornsby and Scott Dunstan. This group has contributed considerable time to the project and deserves our thanks. The committee has many other projects on our list which keep us busy for many years. I again thank all members of the committee for their contribution and time volunteered during the year. RICHARD HUDSON CHAIRMAN 92 YACHTSMAN