The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 93

T he Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club was the first Club in the world to be awarded the prestigious 5 Gold Anchor accreditation under the Global Gold Anchor Scheme. The Global Gold Anchor scheme is a joint venture between The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) and the Marina Industries Association (MIA). The scheme is designed to provide assistance to marina users with their marina selection and provides marina operators with customer and operational framework in order to continually improve service and facilities for consumers. The 5 Gold Anchor recognition is a well justified acknowledgement of the consistent high quality service that the dedicated Management and team put into the RPAYC facilities. “It’s extremely satisfying to be the first Club in the world to attain this status and reflects the many hours that management, staff and committees put into the ongoing development and maintenance of the marina. We still have a lot of hard work in front of us and are committed to providing world class facilities to our members and visitors” said Kylie Brown, Marine Services Manager. The RPAYC is committed to protecting and preserving the environment and to the highest safety standards. This accreditation compliments the Club’s active commitment to sustainable environmental practices for the local waterways with a level three Clean Marina accreditation as well as a fish friendly certification. FOOD RECYCLING RPAYC ON THE FRONT FOOT FOR FOOD RECYCLING T each year. he Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club used a Bin Trim rebate from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to purchase a worm farm that will divert 5.25 tonnes of food waste from landfill 5 GOLD ANCHOR As a 5 Gold Anchor marina committed to continually improving its service, and with effective plastic and glass recycling already in place, the Club was keen to identify other waste management areas that could be improved. As the RPAYC was considering options for broader recycling measures, a Bin Trim assessor visited the Club and suggested participating in the NSW EPA’s Bin Trim program. Through the program, eligible businesses that employ between one and 199 employees can access a free waste assessment and a financial &V&FRg&CFCSFVvFFR67BbW&66r&V76ƖpWVVBFR&G&76W76"VVBFR6V 6WFR7FW'7FW76W76VBF6&gG2v7FP6V7F6W&FBvVVB&6W72&FW FFVFgv2fBv7FRv2FVFfVB2&VvW&R7V'7FF&fVVG26VB&RFRBv0W7FFVBFB&WGvVVcBƗG&W2bfBv7FPg&FR6V.( 2&W7FW&Bv2&Vr6VBFFfV6vVVFRvB6"66VRffW27W7FW"6W'f6PW&f&6R&V6&rB&fFW27W7FW 6W'f6Rf7W6VBg&Wv&F6FVǒ&fR6W'f6PF67VW'2FR76W76"767FVBFR6V"ǖrf"&G&&V&FRFVvFFR67BbW&66r6W&666Rv&f&FvRF6Vv7FRFRƖ6Fv27V66W76gVvFFR6V"v&FV@C#R&V&FR2RbFRFW7B6B6V'2W7G&Ɩ7W'&VFǐ6VV'&FrFV"SFV"bW&FFR%0FW2&FR67FFǒWw&FrB&fpFV"f6ƗFW22vV2&fFrf'7B6727W7FW 6W'f6RV7W&rFW6FVRFVBFRv&B&6W'f6W2&FVǒRbFR6V.( 2F6Vv7FR0r&V76VBF&VvFRWrv&f&BFV&RW6VBFRWFV6fR6V"v&FV22fW'FƗ6W"FPv&FVW"6V7G2FR67Fw2g&FRv&f&6PvVVFF7W'6R7&72FR6V.( 2rV7F&W2bBFVƗfW&r6FfR&W7VG2f"FR6V"BFRv&FV26V"vVVB26fVBFBFR&G&Ч&w&FVƗfW&VB7V'7FF&W7VG2F&Vvǖp66vW2F22VBFw&VFW"7FfbFW&W7B@VvvVVB&V76Ɩr&FBv&BBR( FR&G&&w&2FVfFVǒ7&V6V@v&VW72&WB&V76Ɩrw7B7FfbBFfFVBW0FFR7FFfGVǒ( 6B%2VB6V`7FWfR&7F"( Ė6V6RFR&V76Ɩr&fVVG0W&RBFR6V"&R'V&&rfbBv^( &RFrF6P6vW2R2vV( Ф"F2FR6V"v&WfWrG2v7FR&6W2FVFǒVFrF&VGV7Fv7FR6V7F67G2॔2B4࣓