The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 78

SAIL SYDNEY T he following weekend after returning to Sydney from Melbourne, our centreboard sailors were back at it again, this time at Woollahra Sailing Club for the Sail Sydney regatta. Again we had strong representation from the RPAYC sailors and some great results. One day was abandoned due to lack of wind. However, the other days of racing were challenging with heat and moderate winds. DAVID TAYLOR Results from our RPAYC centreboard competitors were: OPTIMIST GREEN 6th – Markus Sampson 17th – Charlie Verity 18th – Julia Pearce O P T I M I S T I N T E R M E D I AT E 4th – Oscar Verity 5th – Ellis Merrett 15th – Nathan Pearce 18th – Hugo Butterworth 20th – Kye Williams OPTIMIST OPEN 3rd – Fletcher Walters 4th – Daniel Links 9th – Morgan Wells 10th – Logan Cortis 12th – Oliver Gordon 13th – Bella Green 15th – Olivia Williams 25th – Cooper Bellingham 28th – Bayley Taylor LASER 4.7 2nd – Nathan Bryant 7th – Boston Cortis 8th – Alexander Bijkerk 10th – Cameron Whiteside 16th – Antony Hawke 20th – Morgan Singleton LASER RADIAL 11th – Jarrah Sheppard 18th – Georgia Tuckey 29ER 5th – Zac Barnabas and Jesse Dransfield 12th – Vinny Willman and Lewis Molloy 14th – Grace Powers and Juliet Costanzo 470 1st – Josh Dawson 49ER 3rd – Jim Colley FINN 4th – Ian McKillop 5th – Matt Visser 12th – Rod Tanks SAIL MELBOURNE S ail Melbourne followed on from the girls’ camp and is one of the only regattas in the world where invited classes can compete alongside the Olympic Champions in the same regatta. Sail Melbourne is the final Sailing World Cup event of the year. Our sailors were there in the same space as our 2016 Rio Olympic medallists and representatives. The first day of the regatta was abandoned due to extreme wind conditions. The second day saw some racing later in the day in winds around 25 knots, while the last two days were 10-15 knots of wind. Results from our RPAYC centreboard competitors were: RPAYC members competing in the Olympic Classes at the event were Jason Waterhouse in the Nacra 17, Josh Dawson and Jim Colley (separate boats) in the 470 fleet, Nina Curtis in the 49er FX and Rob McMillan in the Finn fleet. OPTIMIST OPEN GOLD FLEET DAVID TAYLOR 29ER FEET 5th – Natasha Bryant and Annie Wilmot LASER 4.7 5th – Nathan Bryant 6th – Boston Cortis 7th – Alexander Bijkerk LASER RADIAL 31st – James Derry 2nd – Daniel Links 4th – Fletcher Walters 23rd – Logan Cortis 29th – Olivia Williams 30th – Jonothan Tuite 33rd – Bella Green O P T I M I S T O P E N S I LV E R F L E E T 30th – Bayley Taylor 76 YACHTSMAN