The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 68

2017 GOVERNOR’S CUP AND YOUTH WORLD MATCH RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS E arlier this year I was selected to be one of two skippers to represent Australia at the Youth Match Racing World Championships at Balboa Yacht Club in California. The team was made up of Jessica Angus on main, Emma May on trim and Hannah Lanz on bow. We were also fortunate to be selected to compete at the prestigious Governor’s Cup at the Balboa Yacht Club, which was held two weeks before the World Championships in the same boats. Upon finding out about selection we knew we had big shoes to fill after Will Dargaville and his team from RPAYC had won the 2016 Youth Match Racing World Championships. It was with the help from Will Dargaville and many other Youth Development members, giving up their time at 6am on multiple mornings a week to come training against us, that we felt prepared for the competitions ahead. CLARE COSTANZO GOVERNOR’S CUP T he Governor’s cup consisted of 12 teams from Australia, New Zealand, America and Great Britain. This was an under 23 mixed event, with a record number of girls competing! RPAYC bringing along four females definitely helped boost the numbers! The event was some of the best match racing we have done, with a consistent eight knots every day making for close and exciting racing. We had a particularly close race against fellow Australian Harry Price. We received a penalty in the pre-start due to a judgment error, not quite entering through the line properly at the four minute signal. The pre-start continued on with our team getting the better start with more speed and ability to cover our opposition. However, due to our unforced error we had to complete a 270 degree penalty turn before crossing the finish line. We decided that we had extended far enough in the race that we could comfortably complete the penalty around the pin end of the line and win the race. Unfortunately the one knot in the halyard we got all regatta was at absolutely the most inconvenient time and we were unable to drop the spinnaker straight away. After moments of untangling the knot Hannah then dropped the kite and we completed our turn and crossed the line in front of Price. We were then told post race that we had not been awarded the win due to the head of the kite being above the goose neck when we tacked to complete our turn. Although we were all adamant it was down, there was nothing we could do to change the decision. Even though we felt like we had been ‘robbed’ of the win and would have been the team to end Price’s winning streak as his first loss of the regatta, we were still extremely happy with our speed and tactics. We carried this positive momentum through right until the end of the round robins and the sail offs. We sailed off for 5-6 place against fellow Australian Will Boulden. It was quite funny that we had both travelled 66 YACHTSMAN across the other side of the world to end up racing someone else from the same country in the final races. It all came down to the final race, with both teams being on 2-2, winners taking 5th place. There were multiple lead changes throughout the race. However, after splitting before the final approach to the top mark, Boulden managed to pick the correct side and sail ahead of us around the final top mark and win the race. The Governor’s cup for all of us was one of the best regattas we have ever sailed. The hospitality of our hosts, Don and Doris Stoughton, and the friendships forged with the other sailors will be something we will always remember and be extremely grateful for. CLARE COSTANZO