The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 66

MUSTO YOUTH MATCH RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS – CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR! W ill Dargaville and his team of Josh Dawson, Sarah Parker, Hannah Lanz and James Farquharson represented the RPAYC at the Musto Youth International Match Racing Regatta hosted by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. Dargaville finished off the round robin in 4th place, qualifying him for the quarter finals. He then went onto win the quarters 2-0 against Will Eastman from Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club. In the semifinals, Dargaville was against the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron’s George Anyon. The racing that followed was close, with Dargaville coming back from match point to win two races in a row and take the win. He then proceeded to the finals to verse Harry Price from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. Price and Dargaville are no strangers to each other’s racing, and their pre-starts at the Musto Youth 2016 showed how well they know each other’s style. They started at opposite ends of the line in Match 1 and spent the second work on opposite sides of the course, both showing confidence in their wind strategy in 12-15 knots of breeze. Price transferred a one length lead into a win by 20 seconds. In Match 2, another close pre-start forced 64 YACHTSMAN Dargaville below the pin lay line but he was able to claw his way back to a tight cross before the top mark, but then followed Price in on the lay line. Price didn’t let Dargaville get his foot back in the door, keeping a close cover to take Race 2. In Match 3, Dargaville won the pin end of the line, but was slow after misjudging the lay line. Dargaville managed to pick a right hand shift and maintain his lead to the finish line to take the series into another match, with scores 2-1 to Price. Match 4 saw Price and Dargaville go hard in the pre-start eager for the win. However, a slight misjudgement by Dargaville caused him to hit Price’s stern and receive a penalty. “I thought we were clear to swing… Maybe I need to get a tape measure and double check the length of the Elliott” commented a cheeky Dargaville. From there Price sailed a clean race, with both boats showing excellent boat handling skills and speed. Price stayed between the mark and his opposition performing textbook match racing tactics and took the finals win 3-1. A humble Dargaville commented “Full credit to Price and his team Harry got the upper hand with the pre-starts today. I want to thank my crew for not giving up and giving it their all in these tricky conditions.”