The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 6

COMMODORE CELEBRATING OUR RICH HISTORY, CURRENT ACHIEVEMENTS AND LOOKING FORWARD WITH GREAT OPTIMISM IN OUR 150TH YEAR. I n this Sesquicentenary edition of The Alfred’s Yachtsman members will view a glimpse of the way we have celebrated the Club’s rich history and the creation of new history in our 150th year including, to name a small sample: • Our unbroken record of Olympic representation since 1964 continuing and marked spectacularly by a Silver medal to Jason Waterhouse in the NACRA17 class and, of course, Gold medals to Dan Fitzgibbon and Liesl Tesch in the Paralympics. • Natasha Bryant and Annie Wilmot won the Youth Worlds in the 29er Class in New Zealand and provided a wonderful representation of the strength of our Centreboard division, not only in terms of results, but participation across all levels. • Sean Connor won the World’s in the Viper Catamaran, and Martin Cross was equally outstanding, winning his 1st World Championship at the Masters Games in the Weta Class. • We have also been strongly represented at the 35th edition of the America’s Cup, where RPAYC sailors have led a large international sailing contingent in showing how their sailing foundations have placed them in great stead to master new technologies and techniques in the amazing AC boats. At home we have seen the Club host a series of Major Regattas and fulfil one of the most comprehensive Club Racing calendars in Australia to great effect. Our Cruising Division has also sailed far and wide from in and around Pittwater to as far as the northern reaches of Queensland, with the 2017 Coral Coast Cruise and all our sailing is complimented by a full Activities programme second to none. The Club has also continued to work with our Community Partner Groups through our IdS programme to deliver some amazing outcomes, which was showcased to a worldwide audience through our involvement with the 2018 Sydney Invictus Games launch. Of course all these achievements are built on the foundation of a great Club community, which remains committed to optimise our wonderful sport, facilities and human capital to engage with all on a “sailor for life” basis, and continue to meet our constitutional objectives to support the sport of sailing, as well as being a positive part of community life and our surroun [[\ۛY[ ]\HYX[\[H[[Y[\X]H[ܝ\]ܙX][Z\HH^[وHX&\ [\Hو\][ۋPPPSHܝ\YZ[]\[ۙH[H\X\][š[\ܙX]ܝY\ۙ\[X\[H[XZ[\و\\]ZX[[\H[X][ۜ˜[^[ۙ PSUQVBSSԑ