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DICKO CUP T he Dicko Cup originated in early 1950s by S.R. Dickinson whose role was the organiser, handicapper, judge and sailing committee for the “Dicko” Cup. Originally being held on New Year’s Eve and continuing onto New Year’s Day the event started as a fun loving event with no prerequisites to enter-only a “carnival spirit.” Boats from all over Sydney would migrate to Pittwater to enjoy the company of Dicko and his wife, as they were renowned for their hospitality. CELEBRATING THE GOOD TIMES WITH THE “DICKO CUP” Nearly 60 years from when the Dicko Cup started, the RPAYC still celebrates this event based around the roots of the “carnival spirit”. The event has transformed into the Dicko Cup Marathon and Hallets Beach Cruise for the Australia Day weekend. Glamour conditions welcomed the participants to the RPAYC annual Dicko Cup and Hallets Beach Cruise along with the 2017 Couta Boat Pittwater Regatta which started on 28 January and finished on 29 January. With sunny summer conditions, the competitors had a nice pace up Pittwater, with a steady sea breeze before turning left at West Head to have the downwind race to Hallets Beach halfway up the Hawkesbury. On the Sunday the weather took a little turn to the south with a strengthening south to south east breeze which changed things up for the race home. Once entering Pittwater from Hallets Beach, the southerly peaked which made for another upwind race to the finish line. RESULTS PLACE YACHT OWNER 1st Pegasus Roger Prior 2nd Starlight Julien Noakes 3rd Inevitable Geoff Kitchen YAC H T SMA N 29