The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 16

REAR COMMODORE OF RACING REPORT I t is a great privilege to represent the Club as Rear Commodore Yacht Racing to ensure we maintain our relevance to the community and our members by embracing the values and visions that are the absolute pinnacle for Australian Yachting. Once again the Club has far exceeded plans and expectations in our pursuit of “Excellence in Sailing”. We have had an amazing season in yacht racing, and as one of the best hosts of regattas in the world, we achieved the following activities and average participation rates: CLUB RACING • Year round Wednesday Racing (31) • Winter Series inc. Early Bird & Lion Island (32) • Saturday Summer Events inc. Pittwater Inshore, Commodore’s Cup, Mosquito, Broken Bay, SOPS, Blue Water and Sprints (32) • Two Handed and Ladies Winter Series • Women’s Twilights (11) • Thursday Twilights (29) REGATTAS • The Wattle Cup Couta Boat Regatta (10) • Couta Boat Summer Pittwater Regatta (7) • Melges East Coast Championship (8) • Etchells NSW State Championship (38) • Etchells Australian Championship (46) • Harken International Youth Match Racing (12 teams) • Farr 40 Australian Open Series (8) • Whisper Mug (8) • Old Timer’s Regatta (37) • Club Marine Pittwater to Southport Race (18) • Young 88 NSW Championship (10) • Sydney 38 NSW Championship (7) • MC38 Australian Championship (9) • MC38 Sprint Regatta (6) • Dicko Cup (19) • Gwen Slade Etchells Regatta (6) • Autumn Regatta One Design and Sportsboat (17) • Huntingfield Cup Jubilee Australian Championship (15) • Dustbuster Series (eight teams) 14 YACHTSMAN In addition to the One Design regattas listed above, the Club’s One Design fleet continues to increase. The total number of boats participating in yacht racing in the past sailing season is 4,031. It would not be possible to have achieved so much this year without the support of the team in the Sailing Office and the invaluable contribution of our many volunteers who play an integral part in ensuring the success of every regatta and race which is greatly appreciated by our members. A big thank you to my Yacht Racing Committee members for their participation in discussions and planning towards formulating the Club’s yacht racing programme. In my final year as Rear Commodore Yacht Racing, I have taken inspiration from the Sesquicentennial celebration to ensure we have the capability to action the new five year strategic plan with objectives associated with growing participation, delivering membership value and addressing the age demographic remaining high priorities. The Yacht Racing Committee is committed to working effectively with the other Rear Commodore Committees and together we are strongly motivated to achieve the Club’s vision. In particular, as Centreboard membership numbers continue to grow, Yacht Racing Committee is continually seeking to develop a pathway for their progression into keel boats and full membership. Further participation in the Club through integration of the various sailing groups is paramount to the future of the Club. RON PALMER