The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 11

Just on Member Surveys, our biennial survey will be conducted at the end of October this year. More information will be published in the weeks prior to ensure members are on the lookout for it. Once again the Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo was a great showcase for the Club and again attracted a broad variety of exhibitors and visitors. The feedback we receive from all who participate in the Expo is very positive and is a reflection of maintaining the niche ‘sailing only’ aspect to the event. Club Marine continues to be RPAYC’s main Club supporter and, with similar values to RPAYC Club Marine is a great partner. They continue to sponsor Sail Expo and our Blue Water Series incorporating the Pittwater to Paradise Race in January. Southport is a great Club to send our members to and are a fantastic Club to work with on this race. I encourage members to show their appreciation and consider Club Marine when it comes time to renew insurance policies. The Integrated disAbled Sailing program continues with its continued focus on Sailability and veterans’ sailing through Solider On. In June this year, members will have seen images of the Club’s fleet of Elliott 7s conducting the sailing demonstration event for the Invictus Games Launch which was later dubbed the “When Tommy met Harry” event. RPAYC is the Organising Authority for the Invictus Games in 2018 and Tom Spithill is Invictus Sailing Technical Advisor. The sailing will take place on Sunday 21 October 2018. So put it in your diary as we and Invictus are hoping for a big spectator fleet. There has been some reorganisation of our staffing structures this year to ensure that we are best organised to provide the support and services to members to enable them to get the most out of their Club. As noted earlier, Nick Elliott will take on the role of 2IC when he arrives to ensure that we have greater focus and alignment across the operation. There have been a few new faces to welcome on staff this year including Pip Lodder who joins us from Middle Harbour Yacht Club – many members already know Pip. Lisa Hughes joined us in September last year as Executive Assistant and many members are getting to know Lisa very well and as she has now been through a full Club cycle has a complete understanding of RPAYC life. Katie Pellew will disappear for a few months to have baby number two and she will be ably replaced by Jade Berry. I am very proud to advise that the day prior to writing this piece, the RPAYC was crowned the Club Marina of the Year! This Award was presented by the Marina Industry Association as part of the biennial Marine 17 conference held in Sydney ahead of the Sydney International Boatshow. The Award recognises excellence and leadership in facilities, standards and service. helped as there were a very high number of abandoned race days and other days where weather was such that it kept the numbers low. There has been some work on the sailing calendar this year to respond to feedback delivered in the 2015 Member Survey which we hope will encourage participation. In addition to changes in the calendar, as announced earlier in the year, the Club has invested further in the sport by appointing Nick Elliott who will take on the role of Race Director and 2IC. The survey indicated that members wanted greater presence and accountability of staff out on the water, observing the races, supporting the volunteers and providing skippers with a sounding board. Nick comes to RPAYC from the Royal Ocean Racing Club in the UK and, while his visa was caught up in the raft of Federal Government changes to 457 visas, all the paperwork has been lodged and we look forward to welcoming Nick in the coming months. My thanks to all entire staff team. I again thank their tireless efforts to ensure that they deliver to the high standards that members and the industry expect. They go above and beyond, and do what it takes to get the job done, regardless of the hours needed. I am very proud of them all and the culture we have amongst the staff. Members are very fortunate to have such dedication and I thank them all for their ongoing care and commitment. We lost a colleague and great friend from staff this year with the passing of Sharon O’Hara. Shaz as she was known, worked at RPAYC for nearly 15 years all up in a number of capacities, but most members will know her from her time as Executive Assistant. Sharon succumbed to an illness she had endured for over five years. Her fight to hang on as long as possible was typical of her character and why she was so effective in her role. But she was also a great friend to all the staff and many of the members. Shaz was a great friend of mine and was always a tremendous support to me and I love and miss her dearly. At the AGM on the 25 July, we farewelled and thanked Commodore Ian Audsley as he retired from office. Ian was on the Board for seven years. One as a director, three as Vice Commodore and three years as Commodore. Prior to that Ian was Rear Commodore Yacht Race. Ian’s dedication and commitment to volunteering has been unwavering and he was a Commodore who demonstrated great stewardship for the Club and leadership and support for the volunteers and staff. Finally, I again thank the tireless efforts of the management, staff and volunteers who work together with so much energy and pride. We are fortunate to have such dedication and I thank them all for their ongoing care and commitment. I look forward to seeing you around your Club and wish you all happy and safe sailing for the coming season. SUZANNE DAVIES GENERAL MANAGER YAC H T SM A N 9