The Yachtsman 2017-2018 RPAYC Yachtsman 2016-2017 - Page 105

ADVERTISEMENT R P A Y C R A L LY A R O U N D M A L L O R C A Mariner Boating’s Trevor and Maggie Joyce conduct yacht rallies in 15 destinations worldwide – and they say Mallorca is one of their top three places to sail. Here, Trevor explains why he looks forward to returning to Mallorca for the RPAYC rally in 2018. Mallorca revels in its isolation from the centre of Europe, and so it should. It has a wonderful sailing climate, and its scenery and culture is quite removed from mainland Spain. The RPAYC rally around Mallorca in July 2018 will cover about 150 miles, as we traverse the island in a clockwise direction. Maggie and I did this trip in July 2016, two-handed on a very capable Dufour 36-footer, and completed the journey in six days. The 2018 rally will do the same trip in two weeks, with additional sightseeing time along the way. Mallorca has great sailing weather with the average daily temperature in July of 25°C. During our 2016 trip, Maggie and I struck one wholesome easterly with an accompanying sea that had rolled all the way from the Gulf of Lyon. But a quick reef in the main and couple of rolls on the jib made the passage very manageable. The start and finish port of the rally, Palma, is Mallorca’s capital and we’ve included two hotel nights in the rally itinerary to allow time to explore this superb city. The old streets and squares make a wonderful excursion on foot. But be sure to take a break beneath a grandfather fig tree with a chilled sangria or beer, for a true Palma experience. Palma is also a boat-watcher’s delight: in the main marina near town, 30 metres overall length is average. Sailing from Palma, we have discovered six logical stops along the route, where harbour facilities are adequate without being extravagant. In between these stops are conveniently placed anchorages in what are locally called ‘calas’. These beautiful, fjord- like inlets meander aimlessly inland, mostly to lap peacefully on a tiny strip of dazzling white sand, and the water temperature sits at a minimum 24°C. The first three of these ports, Andratx, Soller and Pollença, originally had their main settlements located inland as protection from marauding pirates. These days the ports themselves are alive with markets, shops and restaurants – and the pirates are long gone. In the port of Soller, you can catch a vintage train to the inland town, which has been operating for more than 100 years. The rally will also visit the uninhabited Cabrera group of islands. These have been declared a ‘Marine Terrestrial National Park’ and visitor permits are strictly controlled. The islands are rich with marine and bird life, and make a peaceful last stop before heading back to bustling Palma. Along the way, the enthusiasm, humour and sincerity of the Mallorcans makes all local contact refreshing. In every port, fishermen sell their entire catch locally, and restaurants sport plenty of fresh seafood, alongside the traditional tapas. It’s that blend of tradition and h istory, mixed with modern sophistication – and of course, the gorgeous scenery – which puts Mallorca in our top three favourite destinations. RPAYC and Mariner Boating Holidays have joined to offer members an exclusive RPAYC Yacht Rally around Mallorca in July 2018. For more information on the rally and to claim your RPAYC discount please visit or contact Lauren at Mariner Boating Holidays 02 9966 1244 or YAC H T SMA N 103