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You can have The problem with conventional “top-down” furlers starts at the top. ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE in any work done by RIGGTECH! THE TOP DOESN’T START. Precision Spars, Yacht and Architectural Rigging Systems, Riggtech is a quality supplier, fabricator and fitter of marine and architectural rigging systems including custom spars, painting, rigging, rope technologies, yacht fittings, shading and balustrading. Riggtech provides marine services and components to dinghies, club cruiser-racers, world-leading Ocean racing yachts and America’s Cup syndicates. THE REFLEX ™ FURLING SYSTEM IS HERE TO CHANGE THAT. If an asymmetrical or code- style sail is to furl evenly and completely, the head swivel at the top of the rig must feel the torque from the furling drum way down on the deck and refl exively begin to turn. This is not an easy design challenge, and the reason most current units perform unevenly. Top-to- bottom, the Refl ex system works to transfer torque to the top— where beautiful furls begin. Using our extensive building and yachting experience we deliver ingenious architectural results. Coupling the knowledge of marine products and materials we have become successful at constructing high quality architectural systems suitable for a wide range of uses in both shading and balustrading. Receive experienced and professional advice by phone from company founder and Principal Phill Bate in person, or visit Riggtech website. Photo © Ed Kukla / Starboard Films REFLEX DRIVE UNIT: Powerful large diameter drive sheave. Unique quick-release design lets one unit furl all your kites. REFLEX HEAD SWIVEL: Responsive new geometry starts winding sail immediately when you pull the furling line. REFLEX TORSION CABLE: Polyester core inside tightly woven stainless. Transfers torque to the head swivel 2x better than anything we’ve tested. AT THE FRONT 102 YACHTSMAN COMPLETE IN-HOUSE SPARS & RIGGING SERVICES u u u u u u u u u u u u u All cruising and racing cordage Boom & genoa furling systems Deck hardware New mast building, painting & refurbishment Mast tuning, transporting & lifting Leather work Lazy jack systems Full stock of Dyform wire Rod rigging installation Hydraulic system installation Swaging & splicing of wire & rope Winch installation & servicing Carbon repairs