The World Of Hospitality Issue 18 2016 - Page 90

T - 023 8082 1011 E - W - d&e office solutions have been delivering excellence in office automation since 1978. Originally as a typewriter reseller and machine repairer they are now into their fourth decade as a manufacturer certified solutions provider of managed print and office fit-out with bespoke finance packages and environmentally focused offerings tailored to support those solutions. Malmaison, Hotel Du Vin, The Belfry, Lyric Hotels and Village Hotel are just some of the hotels and conference venues that take advantage of their expertise in that sector with a host of restaurants and hospitality organisations such as Prescott and Conran, The Fat Duck, Corrigans of Mayfair, Tortilla, The Sargeant Partnership and Harry Ramsden to name just a few who also partner with them over a wide variety of solutions. d&e pride themselves upon creating solutions that can deliver genuine value to their clients with innovative ideas that can convert costs out into revenue streams in whilst improving and aiding your client’s experience. Examples of this include secure print for hotel guests who can print from the comfort of their hotel room to a secure print device that will only release their job when they authenticate at that device with their swipe key or a pin number - A definite benefit for the client, an added value provision from the hotel to their guests and a potential revenue stream too with full audit trail and accountability built into the solution. Approaching each potential project with a completely open mind allows d&e to factor in all client needs and wants with innovative suggestions that can deliver a difference versus your competition – One such example is the ability to certify your print output as Carbon Neutral through a process of collection, recycling and re-manufacturing that provides 100% landfill avoidance and an allinclusive subscription package delivering hardware, support, consumables, recycled paper and remote monitoring and management to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal user interaction. If you’re looking for an improvement or an addition to your environmental or CSR policies then that process is a genuine advantage with tangible benefits. Nearly 40 years of experience of delivering excellence into the hospitality sector has provided us with not just knowledge of but an understanding of the sector and that is what helps to set us apart from more product focused providers – we strive to provide solutions that will deliver benefits in key areas, including the obvious budgetary requirements, and also focus upon the changing face of technology and its potential uses within the industry.