The World Of Hospitality Issue 18 2016 - Page 68

68 the World Of Hospitality were to surface through our refreshing design.” The Café is divided in two separate sections. On one side lies a long bench, its colors soft and lively, allowing the location’s natural light to shine. On the other, the service section is hemmed in a container-inspired workspace where customers get served as if they were sitting on a food truck stool, waiting for their order. Within this workspace there’s even a place designed especially for the tricycle as there is a little workshop where it can be stored, repaired and admired by the patrons. According to Audrée L. Larose, designer at Les Ateliers Guyon: “From the very beginning, our clients were adamant on the matter: they want the bike, which gets a lot of looks on the street, to be integrated in the design so it can still be gazed upon. But they also made it clear that they didn’t want the whole place to be tricycle-themed. We believe we achieved, through this project, a perfect blend, subtle yet bold, of their first intentions and our concept to bring the outside in.” The conceptual approach to design, from Les Ateliers Guyon Les Ateliers Guyon has been specialized in object design and interior design for over 5 years now and still manages to take us to a foreign world with every creation. Félix Guyon, owner and designer, explains his vision of what design should be and how his evergrowing business taps into that vision: “Chiefly, a good design must not only meet the client’s requirements, Café Pista but also that of the user, while bringing their basic needs to a higher level. To ensure that the space or object is deemed comfortable and user-friendly, proper design always comes first for us. Yet, at home, it’s still not enough; we need to add some hot sauce to the mix! Contrasts always find a place in our projects, just like sweet and salty complement one another. When this is not reflected by styles from different times, it can be found in the materials used, in textures, volumes or light sources that cross and give us the edge we’re always looking for. Magic, in all its poetry, must reign over every piece we create, in a subtle marriage between formal and conceptual elements colliding in a unique and calculated design!” Les Ateliers Guyon Félix Guyon, founder at Les Ateliers Guyon, has given birth to a second company specializing in luminaire design, along with its cofounder Audrée L.Larose, called Larose Guyon. Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon, design lovers and lovers in life, combine both of their visions and offer a design both masculine and feminine, where contrasts confront each other in a meticulous, subtle and bold design. They tell us their story: “We literally found each other, we form the best possible team we could have imagined. Our strengths support the other’s weaknesses and vice versa. From our often opposed visions arise results which surpass our first intentions every time. We like to see ourselves as follows: Félix is Website: a burst of ideas and Audrée is the funnel which refines and gives focus!’’ Together they become a “dream team“, as they put it themselves, laughing. Their combination recently led them to present their Larose-Guyon Luminaire project at ICFF 2016, in New York. An artistic installation project for a few Chicago hotels is also in the works. These two multidisciplinary designers should stay on your radar, as it looks like their next projects are going to be more and more surprising!