The World Of Hospitality Issue 18 2016 - Page 30

30 SHOT London the World Of Hospitality SHOT London SHOT The educational and innovative clean eatery which recently opened near St Paul’s aims to educate, as well as offer a delicious menu, designed to ensure that every ingredient used offers direct health benefits. Brought to London by a nightlife entrepreneur, in partnership with a Citigroup veteran and Oxford biologist, SHOT’s cutting edge approach to healthy eating is designed by a leading London nutritionist who’s values involve healthy eating never being dull or overly restrictive. Founders Asad Naqvi and Rahil Malik have created SHOT, due to their own search for something more from the healthy food market. Having worked in the nightlife industry for a number of years as Music Director and resident DJ at many notable nightclubs such as, The Box Soho, The Arts Club, Annabel’s, and Tape London, Asad found the only way to keep active and stay fit through the late nights and early mornings, was through a strict training regime and clean eating. Rahil worked in Canary Wharf for 14 years without ever finding the convenience of genuinely clean and healthy food options to match the pressures of his intense work life and gym schedule. Teaming up with acclaimed and charismatic nutritionist, Alice Mackintosh, the SHOT concept was born. Website: