The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 66

Menu Engineering by Comtrex The menu planner is just one of the innovative tools from Comtrex Enterprise, designed to help you stay in control of your costs and plan the protability of your menus. The planner enables you to analyse existing and new menus in order to calculate the cost of each recipe. By making changes to ingredient costs, amounts, and allergen information you can see how they contribute to your total cost of sales as well as potential revenue. You can add in new recipes, change existing ones, or group recipes into seasonal menus without affecting any live costs. With the ability to import and apply your current sales mix to a new menu you can plan, budget and implement accordingly. Benets: • Saves you time and money on recipe costing and menu analysis • Enables you to price your recipes and menu accurately • Ensures price changes are hassle free • Allows you to plan your costs, margins and purchasing in advance • Seeing how allergen results are affected based on supplier product changes Call 01293 789 506 today to discuss the different ways that menu planning can help you control the cost of your sales. 01293 789 506