The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 64

64 the World Of Hospitality meia.dúzia Discover One Of The Best New Products Of 2015 M eia.dúzia® is a Portuguese brand unique in the world for producing fruit jams in tubes, and was selected by the renowned trade show in UK IFE “The International Food & Drink Event” as one of the 100 Top Best New Products. The innovative concept and design of the package, as the unexpected flavor experiences, deserve to be highlighted by the organization committee of IFE 2015. meia.dúzia® is pioneer worldwide with this concept, inspired in the world of painting: one colour, one fruit, one experience… The “Fruit Jam Tube” similar to the painting oil tubes, truly is an explosion and experience of flavors. Besides making the product visually interesting, the aluminum package reduces considerably the contact of the jam with the air, minimizing the oxidation of the fruit and maintaining its natural properties. The advantages are not only those, as the consumer doesn’t need to use spoons to use the product and spread it. It can be used directly from the tube, which makes the use of the fruit jam easier and more comfortable, being transported and used in unexpected moments. . IFE has over 1350 exhibitors and thousands of visitors, being the biggest food and drinks event in the UK. In IFE 2015, meia.dúzia®’s products will be exhibited along with the most surprising and innovative flavors of this year. website: The surprising flavor combination of the Portuguese brand meia.dúzia® were in 2014 awarded with 1º Prémio a la Presentación do XVIII Salón de Gourmets (1st Prize in Exhibition at XVIII Salón de Gourmets) in Madrid, and now meia.dúzia® takes another step to the worldwide recognition with the selection for the 100 Top Best New Products in this international event. meia.dúzia® is represented in this event by Mercomind UK (UK Representative) at Stand S4759 and also at Stand N5240 with Portugal Sou EU. Follow all our latest news at our Twitter page.