The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 58

58 the World Of Hospitality food processing Juicy steak and potato salad cut wafer-thin: The Bizerba Carneoline S121 tenderises and cuts With the Bizerba S121, Bizerba presents a multi-functional device from the Carneoline series that can be used both as a slicer and as a meat tenderizer. The S121 works with precision and is suited to meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables for salads and fried dishes. Thanks to Emotion-technology it works energy-efficiently whilst at the same time suited for use in constant operation with automated product feeding; it cuts quietly and without any noticeable warming. Steaks, potatoes and meat salads are particularly in season in the summer. This presents butchers, kitchens, caterers and the hotel industry with the task of preparing the food according to the customer’s request. The S121 is made for use in all preparation areas since it takes up little space and works very quietly due to the “Emotion” drive. Ideal for use at the sales counter and gastronomy Since the S121 is geared to the gastronorm tray (325 x 354mm), relayering food is not necessary. Various cutting sets for strips from 4 to 12 millimeters provide precise results and these cutting sets are easy to change without any tools. The highest hygiene and safety standards Thanks to the easy disassembly and stainless steel surface, the S121 can be cleaned quickly and corresponds to the hygiene guidelines of the CE norm. To make sure the S121 can’t be accidentally knocked over in everyday use, it’s equipped with a wide, stable stand. The product intake is protected with a plastic protective hood or a curved roller conveyor for the automated feeding and prevents accidental manual access. Food Processing Equipment from Bizerba Strip Cutters Band Saws Mincers Slicers Meat Tenderisers 01908 682740