The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 49

NEW FROM INOX CREDIT: DAVID BEGBIE CREDIT: DAVID BEGBIE LED downlighter range that warms as it dims - just like tungsten! 100% (1000LM) 3000k DIMMED tO 50% 2500k DIMMED tO 20% 2000k Hospitality ambience is paramount and so it feels natural to us that light should grow warmer as it dims; a bright-white roaring fire settles down to an amber-red glow just as sunlight itself grows warmer as the sun sets. It’s what we subconsciously expect, and Inox LED downlights reintroduce this warming effect, giving the most natural possible feel for clients and guests as your lighting moves to dimmed, intimate, scenes. FROM thE INOX MOOD RaNgE: PLaStER IN BEZEL t +44(0)1702 468165 e w