The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 45

Our services include: u Ventilation management compliance with current legislation u Pre-commission cleaning u General Ventilation Cleaning u Ventilation Surveys u Re-balancing and commissioning of ventilation systems u Specialist Social housing services u Provision of detailed drawings u Specialised licensed decontamination of hazardous material from ductwork systems u Provision and installation of new ductwork systems u Fire damper checks, maintenance and installation u Reduction in fire risk through management of all ventilation systems u Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) maintenance u Environmental decontamination of clean rooms/computer suits u Operating theatre ventilation cleaning u Qualified Fire Risk Assessors u Ventilation system fire risk assessments Asbestos Controlled Cleaning Various types of asbestos can be found within ventilation systems and asbestos fibres may be found to have been dispersed outside the distribution ductwork, into occupied areas. If asbestos has been detected, the risk of exposure to the building occupants has to be controlled. If this situation arises, as a specialist licenced asbestos contractors, Ductclean (UK) Ltd should be contacted to decontaminate affected areas and then, to control the risk of further exposure, to either remove or encapsulate the asbestos source. Ductclean (UK) Ltd are licenced by the Health & Safety Executive to carry out all such asbestos works. CALL US NOW Contact Ductclean (UK) Ltd for a free quotation. OHSAS 18001 ISO 9001 Registered Health & Safety Management ✆ 0870 112 9196  ISO 14001 Registered 015 Quality Management Registered 015 Environmental Management  Ductclean (UK) Ltd, 1 Woodfield Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1JQ 015