The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 20

PRESENTS STOCKINGER HOTEL LINE Hotel Safe Gold Hotel CUBE Hotel Safe Silver Luxury is more than the sum of all parts, it’s about the atmosphere that arouses emotions and turns the stay in a luxury hotel into an unforgettable experience. The enjoyment of an excellent cuisine and an appealing ambience is the one thing. The other is that feeling of freedom and peace of mind which you can guarantee your guests with the Stockinger Hotel Line. A Stockinger Hotel Safe is more than a usual hotel safe, it doesn‘t need to be hidden due to it’s elegant design, it’s the perfect addition to every high-class hotel room. And that safe convince through his high security standards and the precision of a German handcra‚ed safe. The Hotel CUBE is probably the most extravagant hotel safe ever produced. Multiple layers of high-gloss black lacquer on the outside in combination with a fully chromed handle give this safe his very elegant appearance. Inside you will find two drawers lined in Stockinger Suede and enough space for documents, jewellery, watches or other valuables. The Stockinger Hotel Safes in Gold and Silver are a bit smaller than the Hotel CUBE but fit perfectly into each wardrobe and provide enough space for watches, jewellery or travel documents.