The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 19

Hotel Vincci Gala Main facade: The main facade of the hotel is divided into two parts, the old neoclassical facade and a new 3-storey extension. The facade of the extension consists of a curtain wall and a layer of panels of expanded metal and creates a dynamic facade with a composition of openings and variations of orientations of the expanded metal that is enclosed by the existing cornice and a new top section. The golden shade and vertical openings creates a unit with the existing facade. Inner courtyard: In the inner courtyard terraces are located on different levels. A large terrace on the first floor, which is reached by the central staircase, serves as a lounge terrace with sofas, armchairs and an outdoor bar. On the ground floor there is a terrace with smaller dimensions and with direct access from the hotel bar and in the basement a patio provides natural light to the restaurant and meeting rooms. Hotel rooms: Most rooms follow the same distribution concept. A z-shaped element made of laminated dark anthracite colored wood, integrated headboard, armoire and wall covering. Gold and gray tones in combination with indirect linear lighting give the rooms a warm and elegant atmosphere. the World Of Hospitality 19 Illumination: Illumination is an essential part of the project and is resolved by indirect linear lighting and decorative suspended lamps, with special attention to the tone and color of the light. A lighting control system allows the creation of light scenes and helps to save electricity is installed in the rooms. Also recycled materials and coatings with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions were used to improve indoor air quality. The Reduction of electricity consumption is achieved by using LED lightning in most of the building and a control and management system that facilitates control of power con 7V