The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 130

The bigger, the better. At The London Tile and Mosaic Company, large format tiles have become the norm over the last decade. For all of us here, requests for a 90x90cm or 1mx1m size is nothing out of the ordinary. With the progression to 3mx1.5m sizes, what is out of the ordinary is the necessity to ascertain what a building's corridors are like, what width and height a stairwell or lift might be or whether there is a roof crane available before we can continue with a client's enquiry. pictured: Folios Nero/Arazzo Nero Once logistical hurdles are overcome, large surface areas are quickly covered by these marvellous feats of innovation, from our largest 3x1.5m size, to the more manageable 1.5x1.5m or 1.2x1.2m for those without a roof crane. With creativity utilising technological advancement in this way, we believe it is now safe to say that the best things do not necessarily come in small packages. Tel. 0207 403 3190 pictured: Precious Stones, White Onyx