The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 113

wi-q the World Of Hospitality 113 at the order point having already patiently waited over an hour for a table. When we were considering our options for a digital solution to improve the customer experience, we decided we didn’t want the user restrictions of an app. Having Wi-Q enables every customer to browse the menu and complete their order at the touch of a button from any mobile device without having to leave their table. The customer can choose from the complete menu, including daily specials and sides, and include additional information such as allergies and food preferences. Queues at the ordering point have noticeably decreased and we are getting brilliant feedback from our staff and our clients, so we are delighted.” Wi-Q Launches The Queue-Busting Solution The Hospitality Industry Has Been Waiting For W hether it is a queue at the bar to order food and drinks or a queue at reception to check out of a hotel, lines of people waiting for service does not enhance the customer experience nor does it enable staff to go about their duties easily. If those customers could order and pay for their food and drinks from their table or check out from their room, queues would be a distant memory; customers would be happier and staff would be free to carry out other duties. three years in research and development, Wi-Q is hailed as the future for easy, integrated ordering and payment. The launch took place at the latest venue to introduce Wi-Q, The Lion Inn Restaurant, Hotel & Bar in Boreham, Essex. As the south-East’s busiest restaurant, The Lion Inn caters for between 400-1000 covers every day and has joined major UK brands including Gordon’s Wine and PWC to introduce Wi-Q to the menu. This isn’t a vision of the future; available now, Wi-Q is an innovative queue-busting solution set to change the hospitality and catering industries forever. Launched to media and trade representatives in July 2015 after Jon Gowing, part of the management team at The Lion Inn says: “We are incredibly busy, seven days a week and often customers can experience queuing WEBSITE: “Wi-Q is different because it is an end-to-end solution that is integrated with Wi-Fi, so, unlike an app, it can be used on a wide range of devices including laptops, tablets, e-readers and smartphones,” explains Wi-Q co-founder Graham Cornhill. “The customer can order their food and drinks, and pay for them without queuing, which obviously improves their customer experience. The benefits for the establishment include improved sales, quicker customer turnaround and greater staff efficiency. Controlled from a central portal that can either be integrated with the restaurant’s EPOS or offered as a standalone solution, Wi-Q can easily be tailored to the individual restaurateur’s needs, and has the scope to evolve alongside their business.” Wi-Q’s state-of-the-art system places the menu and ordering capability in a consumer’s hands with payment options that can be registered for multiple venues. Its features include network agnostic WiFi, app integration, multiple customer payment options, pre-load payment cards, EPOS integration or standalone ordering, pre-order, take-away and favourites. From healthy eating options, allergy information, gluten free diets, children’s menus to room service options, spa treatment bookings; there really is no limit to the capabilities of Wi-Q in the hospitality sector. Wi-Q is available now as a revenue-based SaaS model for as little as £1.47 per day, with minimal capital investment. For further details visit EMAIL: