The World Of Hospitality Issue 12 2015 - Page 103

HC A Unique Anti-Microbial Technology Forming A Residual Working Barrier Reducing Re-Contamination I In ter ven tio nT ech no log y Why Goldshield? • Unique, Patented Formula UP TO 24 7 DAYS HRS • Forms a Residual Anti-Microbial Barrier PROTECTION • Continues To Work Between Applications • Reduces Surface Re-Contamination • No Visible Residue • Alcohol-Free & Non-Corrosive • Provides Long Term Protection • Available on the NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreement Sporicidal High Level Disinfectant with Residual Anti-Microbial Barrier. Non-Corrosive, providing Unique Molecular Bonding Technology Description NPC UOI UOI Units Quantity 750ml Foaming Trigger Spray MFB380 Box 12 1 £46.23 1 Litre Flip-Top MFB381 Box 12 1 £49.73 5 Litres Ready to Use MFB382 Box 4 1 £62.20 For further enquiries contact Denise Stapleton UK Business Manager Medical 07789 404279 or Sell Price