The World Explored, the World Suffered Education Issue Nr. 6 May 2018 - Page 5

consequent wounding of the ego is the result. The ego dominated by Eros will be strengthened with a determination to confine itself to necessary desires whilst still retaining a scar of its wounds. The weak ego will continue to strive after what is unnecessary and will be on the road to self-destruction. Thanatos rules such an ego. Freud believed that myth contained symbols manifesting the mental structure of man's mind and therefore the clue to understanding the Psychology of man. For Plato and Freud, myths contained theories with assumptions, arguments and logical consequences if one interpreted them correctly. Dreams and myths resemble each other and the interpretation of dreams was, therefore, one of the major therapeutic techniques used in his clinic. But it was not until the final phase of his theorizing and his return to the field of Philosophy(Certainly Plato and perhaps Aristotle too) that he felt he could help his most difficult patients: those with the inexplicable desire to murder themselves in the spirit of Thanatos.