The World Explored, the World Suffered Education Issue Nr. 22 September 2019 - Page 13

downward, it looks very much as if the developing countries are funding the industrialised countries. This in turn connects to point two above. With these funds the industrialised countries can make their agricultural and manufactured products more competitive which results in faster growth In relation to point three Ocampo claims that migration, with the exception of Western Europe, is in fact more limited in the third stage of globalisation than it was in the first stage. Ocampo then shows an overhead entitled "Three Basic Objectives of International Cooperation": "* Interdependence, guaranteeing an adequate supply of global public goods * Equality of Nations which would help overcome the asymmetries in the world economic system * Equality of citizens which would be based on a world system of Human Rights, i.e. global citizenship In relation to point one and point two on the overhead the lecturer points out that nations are a part of a hierarchical system which by its nature generates unequal opportunities for some participants. In relation to point three the lecturer asks the question: How do we build an international system of rights and he answers at the institutional level rather than the individual citizen or nation level? He posts an overhead entitled "Improved Governance Structures": "* Should be based on a network of world, regional and national institutions forming a dense network of systems * Whilst retaining a "policy-space" for individual nations where diversity is respected * Developing countries must participate on equal terms" The level of the individual is perhaps incorporated in the political and educational institutions that he participates in but what is missing in the above account is the language of individual action in the description of institutions which have been formed by human beings for human beings. There is an underlying complaint in the lecture which refers back to the level of unjust action which would have produced a more nuanced discussion.