The Word of God in Romania 2014.01.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the L

2014.01.19 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism 2 On a day of the feast of Epiphany the news is coming from heaven on earth and the Lord is becoming word and river by His word. I, Myself, I, the Lord, am He Who speaks about Me through My coming, and I am coming in a cloud, as I ascended to the Father after I fulfilled the entire word for which He had send Me to accomplish on the earth. I become word of baptism, I become a Baptizer and I baptize those who hear Me coming; I baptize them in My word after two thousand years from My first coming in the flesh and as word among the people on earth. I have come on this day with a feast of Epiphany accompanied by John, My Baptizer at Jordan, and by the hosts of saints and angels, as they are the river of glory above the garden here, where I meet with My sacrificing people within My coming, and I am meeting you, those who have started to come before dawn in your thought and by your step to My spring of word. I am embracing you all together with all the heavenly guests. We are meeting each other and we are sitting at the table of word, the table of the feast of word, as the Lord’s feasts and His saints’ are glorified in heaven and on earth. It is a great joy that I am able to come on earth as word with the feasts of the heaven, but there is also pain, for on earth is not as in heaven; there is no longer My will on earth. The feasts of those in heaven are shaken from their places. The days of the feasts of those in heaven have not remained at their places in My Romanian country. (See the selection topic: „The change of feasts - the denial of faith 3 ”, r.n.) For a long time it has not been as in heaven in the Romanian people, and the feast of the Lord’s Birth takes place two times and the Lord’s Bap- tism the same; all take place two times and not as in heaven once a year each feast, but I, the Lord, celebrate with the ancestors of this people, and once with those in heaven I set the feasts on earth as I was able to make Me a little fold and set in it as in heaven the order of everything, for the time has come to correct those that were shaken and I could do this with the faithful ones, who received Me to be their God, as I am in heaven to My saints. Peace to you and a day of Epiphany with you, with those gathered at My spring of word! Peace to you and rest here after your journey! Sit down, and I sit on the throne of glory; this is how I sit into your midst and give you from the Father; I give you My glory and I comprise you into it. I have My trumpet Verginica at the table here with her people in heaven, (Verginica - the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, r.n.) with the one she had earned, by the alphorn which I have sounded on earth My coming of today. And again, the whole group of prophets are celebrating on this day here, and in its midst, John, My Baptizer; this is how My today’s God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 3 You can also see on: 1 2 1