The Word of God in Romania 2013.09.27 - The Word of God at the Feast of the H - Page 5

2013.09.27. I put at the helm of the Romanian people and with My strong arm I set the one who is a ruler with great mercy, (The President Traian Băsescu, r.n.), and he has special love of country and much wisdom from Me for its protection, for its governance and yours too, but you have not wanted him, you, the few of you, who have stood up into the name of the whole nation and wanted to persecute him so that only you might be in power, and you keep on persecuting him by denigrating words and you do not receive his advice that would save you from the reward of your trespasses. However, I have set the people of My word at holy watch and at prayer with fire and I have kept at the helm the one set as helmsman by My holy plan because of My great love for this nation, but also for his love, as I have not found another one with greater love and heart than him in this time for this nation. I have exhorted you some other times too to submit to his love of people and country and to his love for you too so that it may go well with you and with all on this hearth. Oh, you have opposed and you have been naughty; you have been proud and have been overconfident and trusted each other and have not obeyed My advice or his advice too. I am crying with the heaven, I am crying with your good ancestors and We are sitting in counsel to keep him and to protect him to stand watch further over this people on which he is ruling and watching now, as without him over the watching places is hard for the destiny of the Romanian people, which has at its council table no one but lovers of money and boast about them, and woe to this nation with such benefactors upon it! It is rebellion between brother and brother; it is much confusion and unrest everywhere among the sons of the Romanian people. Many cry; they cry for mercy on the dogs that are destined to death so that they may no longer bite. (The calumny done by the followers of the communists against the president of the country – of other political “color” – because he asked the euthanasia of the stray dogs in Bucharest – over two hundred thousand – after some of the children had been killed, r.n.). Behold what I, the Lord, am telling you, to you those who are merciful for these beings written to die from man. (More NGO’s with foreign support for the protection of the dogs, r.n.). Oh, how comes that you do not think, Romanian sons, with the same mourning, with the same merciful feelings, about so many living beings, about sheep and lambs that die by the man’s hand without saying a word of woe? How comes that you do not think in tears about the sheep and little lambs, about the cattle and birds, about all kinds of animals that are killed with much longing to be put into vessels and fried as food for the man who goes to the butcher’s to buy meat and cook it as his food? Are they not really living beings without comfort and given to be sacrificed so that they may enter the man’s belly? How comes that you do not mourn over them as you cry over the poor dogs? Oh, look what man is! He is the grave of so many beings with a living soul in them and which man takes and cuts them; he takes their life to eat them after that. Oh, have mercy on sheep, calves and birds as well; have mercy on all animals that man kills for his food. If you cry over dogs, then also cry over all the beings, which man kills, hunts and takes their lives and then puts them into his belly. Oh, how beautiful was My commandment given to man at the beginning, when I told him what food he was supposed to eat! 12 Then came the death of the little lamb, blood on 12 «And God made man, according to the image of God He made him, male and female He made them». (Gen: 1/27) «And God said: Behold, I have given to you every seed-bearing herb sowing seed which is upon all the earth and every tree which has in itself the fruit of seed that is sown, to you it shall be for food». (Gen: 1/29) Every moving thing that lives will be food for you. As the green herb, I have given everything to you. But flesh with the life of it, the blood of it, you shall not eat. 5