The Word of God in Romania 2013.09.27 - The Word of God at the Feast of the H - Page 4

2013.09.27. for righteousness; My eyes are like the flame of fire and I am full of crowns and I have a written name, and My garment is of fine linen and is sprinkled with blood, and My name is called the Word of God, for this is written, and hosts from heaven come with Me, wearing fine linen garments, and My word comes out of My mouth as a sharp sword against those with a pagan life and I come to shepherd them for they do not have any shepherd, they do not obey for truth and love falsehood instead, and they get used to it and forget about the Lord Who comes with His reward. You, those who oppress now, in your time, you, those who love falsehood and rule by it over this nation, oh, until when? Amen, amen, I say to you; everything that is not God is a lie against the truth. Or, do you not know that the father of the lie is the devil, the ruler of the darkness of this age? Or, do you not know that the lie and its servants will be thrown into the deep? Oh, you have made a golden calf 11 and you play around it visibly and invisibly, and you have forgotten about the reward for the works; however, I come and I will give each one according to his work, as it is written. Oh, if you have forgotten so much and you always forget about God, how comes that you still get on the seats to rule over this nation? Let no one say that he has Me as his God if he does not listen to Me, if he does not ask Me, if he does not follow day and night the command- ments for life and the truth in everything, but not falsehood. I remind you of Judas, who had always taken of the brotherly purse, and all saw where this habit had led him; and I look at you and at your greed with which you have climbed on the ridges and called out to the people to hear you and to choose you as rulers over them. Oh, where is your faithfulness to their faith? However, you have stolen very much, (They have cheated on the counting of the votes at the elections that they have organized, r.n.), for you alone, you chose yourselves almost alone and you chose one another and sat at the table of the country council and then you boasted about the great number among those who elected you, but that number was very small and you lied the sons of this people that you were chosen by a great number. Oh, what are you going to do now? The lie with which you appear as truth cannot be your seat, and your leadership will be broken, and I have been telling you this for a long time. Your good ancestors will call you to account. I have them with Me at the table of the glory of My word on this day and they are looking with mourning at the pagan works that you do day and night against the sons of this nation to keep your authority upon them. Oh, you went to sorcerers. You went to wanderers and you went to those who love money, but you have not sought the Lord’s wisdom to ask for it. Behold, I, the Lord, am coming, I am coming to you if you do not knock in order to come to give you and have after that. Oh, you do not have love of your country, you those who have got hold of it by injustice. (The Social Democratic Party, "of Left", the Communist Party's successor, r.n.) Oh, do not assume the right to sell this homeland to strangers, (By giving its oil and gas re- sources to the foreign firms for insignificant tribute, the wood of the forests to be exploited without any limit, the agricultural lands to be sold almost on nothing to the Arabian “investors” and not only that, r.n.) for the earth is the Lord’s, not yours to give it to those who covet it everywhere to strip of glory this homeland of Mine and the homeland of those who love it. 11 Referring to the fierce desire to donate the gold mining from Roşia Montană to foreign firms, r.n. 4