The Word of God in Romania 2013.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the A - Page 3

2013.08.28. Sufferance was my wisdom, dear Son. It did not let me look at lawlessness. Even from my childhood, Father had given me sufferance and passed me through it and for it, to be like You in everything, my dear Son Jesus. You had suffered even since I was carrying You into my arms as a Baby, then You suffered on the cross and then You also have been suffering in heaven by this time, and You will suffer to the end, for the happiness of the man, fallen from heaven, requires a dear reward; it asks for the sufferance for God, dear Son, because God built man. When a child does any damage to someone, then is the child ashamed? Does he suffer from it? Oh, no, but his father and his mother suffer instead, and if the child receives punishment then his parents suffer much more painfully. Behold, sufferance is wisdom. It makes wise the one who suffers, and who was wiser than me and You, dear Son? It is because You came on earth to suffer. You had suffer in heaven before Your coming and You suffered all the time on earth, and again You suffer in heaven with the Father, with me and with the saints, and we suffer for man, Son Jesus. I was comforted in my sufferance, I get comforted with the love for You, for the love of God is the most comfortable longing for the one who knows this mystery of the comfort coming from above, and here it is why I was good, and many can be likewise if they can perceive the mystery of this comfort, the highest comfort for those who love suffering with love and hope with power in the days of eternity, the endless age, the age that is to come, dear Son. I am speaking to you, now, to those gathered on my day of feast here, under the glory of the Lord. I have spoken with my Son, Jesus Christ, the One full of the glory of sufferance for man, and I am speaking to you now, urging you to this glory, glory as mine, the glory of the sufferance, the love without equal in man. Let no one ever believe and say that love is joy. The sufferance longs in man after the age of eternity and not after those that pass away and then are no longer. Oh, be wise, be wise through this beauty of the soul, through the sufferance of love, love for those in heaven and for Jesus Christ, my Son. He cannot weigh your love but only by sufferance and then by its wisdom in you. Do not grow angry within your sufferance, but rather be good, as good as I was, and be beautiful, as beautiful as I was through sufferance. Amen. I am advising you now to look for the love of God. It has to be built in you, but self-denial is needed for this dwelling place, so that the love may become dwelling place in you, then your dwelling place. Oh, son, if someone that your soul does not like, if he tells you about love and about its way to you and your way to it, then you cannot receive in your soul the one who wants to share this with you, the who is guilty between you and him? Oh, the lack of love in you is to be blamed, for my Son was not able to do any miracle there where no one was burning in his soul for resurrection, for a living life in him, and behold, man takes life from where he likes, and he does not take from those who give life as my Son, Jesus Christ gives. Love is that which keeps life in man and man in life, and it is some other kind of life as man takes to have for himself as he wants, and I teach you as I teach myself, the life of the Lord in you. Are you able to have only Him as life in you? Do not forget that He told you about Him and He said: «I am the Way, the Truth and the Life». (John 14:6) Oh, do not forget this word of His, as the word of God is great and we have to listen to Him, as the Father said: «You should listen to Him!» (Matt. 17:5) Oh, do not forget to be His people, as it is written: «Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance». (Ps. 33:11) However, behold, you should also love and seek the land, chosen for God, for man has to learn again his way to paradise, and everything is done with a great preparation, with a holy walking, with faith and with assembly near the Lord then when He sounds His trumpet to come to Him and to give you of His life, of His mouth, as He gave to the man when He had built him. 3