The Word of God in Romania 2013.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the A - Page 2

2013.08.28. Oh, peace to you, sons and daughters of the holy faith! You have gathered here on the clouds of word, as I have sent My word to you that told you, blessed you and gathered you here. (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds 4 ”, r.n.) I am responding to your zeal for those in heaven with whom I am coming down to the earth now. The earth becomes heaven there where I descend and work with My saints, with My heavenly glory and with a table of word. Oh, if you did not have faith in My coming as word on the earth, I would not lay the table of word on the earth. Oh, what a miracle your faith is! He who believes in My coming as word on the earth, that one works miracles, his faith makes miracles, it brings the Lord on the earth with a table of word. Those who believe like this do not have any headache, but rather those who do not believe are sick and have their mind set on those that pass away and are no longer, for they pass away like mere ghosts, but My glory does not pass away and it is with those who believe and listen to God, and it is so easy for Me to spend with them on earth as in heaven, and behold, I am sitting in council with you on the earth, and this miracle is great. Oh, take care to love one another as I love you, for I am coming with the heaven to you and I love you with it. This is how you should also come to one another with the heaven in you, and love one another like this, for other kind of love is not love, because love comes only from heaven, for its place is the heaven. Take care to become a heavenly place so that love may dwell within you, for its place is the heaven. When you do not love one another with much longing in you, with much heaven in you, then love is not in you, but you should seek and take it in you and do not stay without love, do not stay without this miracle in you, for much light is needed on earth. The earth is divested of light and there is deep darkness on the earth, as in the beginning when the Spirit of the Lord was hovering above the waters and when God said, «Let there be light!». And there was light, and God divided the light from the darkness and He called the light day and the darkness He called night; and then God made the heaven and the earth. Behold, first there has to be much light on earth, and then there will be the new heaven and the new earth. Do not live without love in you, without this miracle in you, for much light is needed on earth, and no one has been able to do this without having much love in him. Oh, how good have to be those who have love, being full of its flame! Who was better on earth than My mother Virgin? There was no one better than she was. Oh, My dear Mother, no one had been better than you on earth, no one but you and I, mother. Oh, who gave you so much beauty? Tell this, mother, oh, tell it! Amen. — Sufferance, dear Son, it was the adornment of my soul; it adorned me so beautifully; it taught me to be good for it and to wear it with propriety and to be the most beautiful, dear Son. Oh, who else among those who have come into heaven could believe that the beautiful man is the one full of happiness on earth among people? Oh, the man’s beauty cannot be known here, where everything withers away and is no longer, but it is rather measured only after that, only after the work of the man’s life comes into light to be weighed, and the work of life is here, on the earth. 4 You can also see on:!5N8FVJ5Z!JJIiD5ui_quEJbwUD3-r504YDafNB4lks1n2ay3GJsw 2