The Word of God in Romania 2012.09.27 - The Word of God at the feast of the Holy Cross Ascension

2012.09.27. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Holy Cross Ascension 2 I am the Good Shepherd, the Shepherd with the cross, and I have got a great name and My name is the only One Born of the Father Sabaoth, the true God of true God, and I walk within His light and I am light from the light and with it I give light to the world and I am the light of the world as long as I am in the world, and otherwise the world walks in the darkness, it walks to and fro without God and it does not know where it goes for it does not always have any shepherd upon it to tell it how and where it has to go. I am the Lord Jesus Christ, for this is how My Father has called Me through the angels and there is no other name on earth and in heaven greater than My name. By submission to the Father I have received a great name, and by its deed I remain with the name of the Son of the Father Sabaoth, called of one being with the Father. Peace to you, people of My word! I sit with you at the table of word on this day of the feast of the cross. The word cross is a great word and the name of this word has life in it. Not even man knows when he says: “Help me, holy cross!” No man knows when he says so, after he has learned from the parents to say this. I am sitting with you at the table of teaching, My people, so that those who seek with you after My teaching, that which is coming from above on the earth for those who want to learn from God, for the teaching which is on earth does not lead man to God and to eternal life with Him. I have told you to take care of the uniform, which you have to wear, sons. On this day I want to go on and perfect this mystery more, and you should be perfected through it and you should make it more and more wholly upon you too. My image, which you have to bear, is My sign upon you. This is how I made it clear to you when I put on the table the teaching for the wearing of the uniform, by which I clothed each one of you when you came to give your- selves to Me and to be Mine after that and when I taught you how to get dressed. Oh, it is hard for man to be Mine, for he needs a cross to take after Me if he wants to be Mine, and he needs a uniform, which does not need to be altered, and it needs to be worn endlessly, and sons of men should see this light among them and walk after it, after the one who listens to God on earth among people, and when man changes his uniform he also changes his obedience and it does no longer belong to God the one who loses the sign which proves him that he belongs to God on earth. The uniform is the cross that is carried, well sons. Man puts the cross on his neck to have and to carry the sign of the Christian, but he has no idea how to carry the cross. I come and I clarify this meaning, as in order for the man to take this cross, he has to receive it upon him. There is much sufferance for man to carry a cross, and this is his pain because he does not like obedience; he does not like to listen to God and to the one who is from God, and rather man hides for his will, because in order to do his will, man has to hide. When I wanted to ask Adam in paradise why he hid from Me, he got upset because I asked him and because I revealed his hidden conduct, and then he talked back to Me and got upset with Me, and he who hides 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1