The Word of God in Romania 2012.04.01- The Word of God on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, of the saint and devout Mary, the Egyptian - Page 3

2012.04.01. kings upon people and let them become wise from their examples, for the king Herod could not overcome in order to kill the temptation that came from a woman, when John, the prophet and the Lord’s baptizer wanted to give him a spirit of awakening from sin, lest Israel might take an evil example from the king and thus indulge in sin and in the loss of soul; however, the king swore to the woman and did not know to keep away from taking an evil oath, and thus the king Herod perished because of his sin, Herod perished because of a woman. Oh, let the people look at the king Darius, to whom Zerubbabel showed his sin, and the kings kissed him and promised to listen to him, for the king liked his wisdom from heaven and the truth about the woman, and this is what he spoke to those who were of his retinue: «Oh, men, the wine is not right, the king is not right, the women are not right and all the men’s sons are not right, all their things, and the truth is not in them, and all and everything perish because of their injustice, but only the truth is strong and it remains forever, and it has power forever and ever, and it does not show partiality, but it does and says what is right, and it is the strength, the kingdom and the power and the glory of all ages. Oh, men, great is the king and strong is the wine, but who rules over people and over kings? Are not really women? For I saw the king and his concubine on his right side taking the crown from his head and putting it on her head, and with her left hand she was slapping the king, who was staring at her with his mouth open and was laughing with her, and whenever she got upset, he would speaks nicely to appease her, and are women not supposed to be strong since they can and do so?» Oh, and kind Darius kissed Zerubbabel and promised him that he would give him everything he would have asked, and thus he received from the king the promise for the rebuilding of Jerusalem, which was burned by Edom and ravaged by the Chaldeans. Oh, sons of men behold, there are kings and there are people who receive and who do not receive the truth about them and about the women who rule upon them. However, I tell you that woman brings death to men and to herself and she also causes sufferance to the body, and her strength resides in the spirit of temptation stirred in man by her body. However, behold, the time has become short and the Lord is coming on earth and the people need to listen from heaven and know to keep away from debauchery and to stop doing this sin, which blows with power during these days everywhere and over everything more than anything else on earth, because of the spirit of woman in men and in women. (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and of the woman 5 ”, r.n.) Let the kings of the earth and the rulers of the earth take heed of the heavenly spirit, which blows speaking, and let them all stop from the sin of the devastation of the earth! Oh, let the bishops and the priests also take this into consideration even more seriously, and let them start to cleanse themselves from the sin of debauchery in them, and still after that, let them cleanse the earth and man of this sin, for there is great dev- astation on earth from this sin, which, behold, it wants to be king on earth and in heaven. The Lord showed me great mercy and gave me a spirit of repentance, after a life lived in sin and not satisfied with it, and then I gave myself to abstinence with my body and to a flood of tears and I struggled for my house from above so that I might not lose it, to have more time 5 You can also see on: woman!AN8ggIiZ!AAss33OU6Izfhc_7GKmET4Hy4dpIxHPV8mS7DicAhzs 3