The Word of God in Romania 2011.12.04 - The Word of God at the feast of the Entrance of the Lord’s Mother into the church

2011.12.04 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Entrance of the Lord’s Mother into the church 2 On this day of holy feast, I, the Lord, am coming with heavenly guests at My table with you, My people, for My mother Virgin has great honor among saints and among angels, and she has got a bunch of prophets around her now, and they are taking of her glory and tasting her joy, which is seen from far away, until her fulfillment was to come on earth, for she was born on earth, the little child who had to grow up and become My mother, the fulfillment of the prophecies spoken ahead of time to be fulfilled on earth among people, according to the heaven’s work. Oh, how shall we celebrate this day of feast, sons? My mother Virgin is within her celebrating glory on this day, but her look and her care is after you, those who have been work- ing for Me on earth for the Scriptures for this time. She is with her strengthening, with her watching, with her protection, with her care of heavenly mother after you, as it is hard on earth; on earth there is only darkness, there is only deceit upon people, and the whole sweetness the man tastes is only bitterness, for everything that is sweet for man is only bitterness and tear with God and with His saints. The feast of the heaven is to feed you within a watching spirit, with ongoing exhortation for your life with God, with much word of mystery teaching, sons, for the man has to become a new man in order to be able to belong to God now and forever. We are setting the word as food on the table, as many take and eat of My table with you, My people. My joy from these would be whole if they took in them the fear of God to fulfill that which I have asked you to fulfill and to be. To the one who also wants to fulfill, as I ask him to have before Me a Christian life in this time, oh, to one like this much love and much watch is needed. I put My will on the table, and man takes from it as much as he wants when he takes from the table My word, which I give him so that the people may know him, only that the work of the new man is much and it is always; it is not only on one side and it is not only from time to time. Oh, man cannot be half old and half new, as only the whole thing has got a whole face, and I always have to put on the table the word for the man’s making, and I have always had power for man, for I want the man to be My will and no longer be his will, for by his will man perishes. Oh, no one says that he serves satan, and there are many who say that serve God, only that the ministry before God is the fulfillment of His commandments and the love for his neighbor, and it is watching for the Lord’s coming and it is always a spirit of confession, a humble and gentle spirit, and these cannot do any harm to someone. I am exhorting all those who take of this heavenly meal and I am telling them: Oh, do not do any harm to God! Weigh your sins, and then you will be able to see whether you can still judge your neighbor! Look at the Lord, not at man, for otherwise you will not escape from the sin of the judgment of your brother, the sin committed so easily by any man. Those who have come to know this work of word and who have not followed exactly its light and departed from it to go to the world and before the world, no one of them will be left without being brought to shame considerably so that he may humble himself afterwards and 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1