The Word of God in Romania 2011.03.06 - The Word of God on the Sunday of Adam’s expulsion from paradise - Page 2

2011.03.06. your Shepherd. Oh, you cannot be God’s son if you do not take after Me in your deed and obedience. Receive Me with faith, for he who believes in Me is he who receives Me when I knock to come in and to give him from Me, when I give him that he may have! Oh, My people, oh, sons, I stay into your midst as the word of Shepherd. Appreciate it and fulfill it, as I fulfill the word of My Father and listen to it when He gives Me to work, when He gives Me His work to do. Exhort one another to obedience to My word, for behold what great grace is upon you! I speak with you to watch upon your life and to exhort you to listen to Me. The day is coming for you to see everything you have earned by your obedience, sons. Be transformed from glory to glory by your obedience to God, sons. Those who know the Scrip- tures and the life in them and do not fulfill like that, they do not gather for them to have when I come. Many learned people, many crowds, many people know the Scriptures and hear from them, but they do not move even a straw to their fulfillment upon them, in them and among them, and they think that they are God’s sons on earth. Oh, keep close watch in the way you fulfill the Scriptures, the commandments of life, the beatitudes, sons, and love! Keep strongly to the love among you, to the brotherhood in My name, as the Scriptures exhort you, for where there is no love there is hatred; where there is no sweet word, there is a harsh word and full of pride, sons; where there is no holiness, there is sin and where there is no faith there is falling. Oh, learn from the Scriptures to know from them how man fell from paradise and watch then with Me that which he did not watch! Everything is possible for the one who has faith and obedience to God, sons. Put your nature and its practices to death and give place to the life of My word in you, always, always, for if you do not fulfill always, always like that, then the evil spirit finds a little gate of entrance and takes you to its likeness whenever you do not watch. Oh, strengthen one another for the way of holiness, but do not forget that holiness is not only that which you would try to understand what it means in you, for it has to be adorned then with your good conduct from one another, a conduct full of humility and decency, by which you may be able to honor one another tirelessly, because otherwise you come to despise each other, and contempt carries in it the poison of haughtiness. Oh, do not try to be bigger or stronger than another one in word or in seeing, but rather live by good works pleased to Me, for if you are not pleased to Me all the time, you are guilty for one another and you are not able to shake off the guilt before Me, because you all need to be a tasteful bread for Me, all together and always, well sons. Be wise for the time of the fasting, for the fasting from food is nothing if you are not beautiful in your spirit and soul before Me and to each other. It is hard for the man to keep a fasting pleased to Me. (See the selection topic: „About fasting and almsgiving”, r.n.) Those who were sanctifying for Me were working hard for the time of the fasting and mostly they were keeping from trouble or from being troubled in their spirit and soul, in their word or deed, for love is hardly nourished in man and from man to man. The spirit of emptiness sits usually on the tongue of the man and it does not like any other better place, and from there it starts to empty the man from his holy wealth, and one from another to take this weakness infiltrated in the man’s nature when the man does not learn from the Scriptures the stature for his life; however, you, watch, watch with love to each other and give each other help for My pleasure in you and among you all the time, for the man falls easily from My beautiful things upon him, well sons, and I want to stay with you all the time and I want to have a place where to stay, and you should make a place for Me to dwell and to be with you. I have spoken by My word during these days that I want to fulfill through you great things by fast and prayer, by the people of this word, sons. Oh, help Me like that, well sons, for I suffer that I do no longer have someone else besides you to help Myself with on earth. The servants of the church, instead of exhorting the people to fasting and watching with fast and 2