The Word of God in Romania 2010.02.12 - The Word of God at the feast of the t

2010.02.12. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the three holy hierarchs: Basil, Gregory and John 2 I am writing Myself into the book with a feast of bishops and I am giving Myself to the people as the teaching of life, as a Teacher Who takes care of His people. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Teacher, and I have become an example of life for those who have been taught by Me for their living, in the same way as a teacher can be a true teacher and with power of in- struction over those who learn the life from him. I would have liked those who have set them- selves into My name over the people to be the same, oh, and how much life it would have been in the people if they had had someone to look at in order to work out their life! I am the Shepherd with the cross on My back, bleeding under it as I was, and not loved by the world full of sin, but those who have come to sit on the chairs of shepherds do not stay under the cross, but rather they carry a shining cross on their neck and are praised by the world with their ornaments wrought by thread and they do not suffer from the cross, and the man learns from them only the fleeting glory, and there are no longer shepherds with mercy for My flock poor in spirit and grace, and I, Myself, become the shepherd upon it and speak with My gentle voice of the shepherd over its wounds, not known by it as wounds, because it does no longer have a doctor to visit it and bring it into his arms to the spring and to the healing, as I was giving Myself to those who were crushed under the joy of the passing life and anxious after that because of its deception. From time to time, I have had merciful shepherds who have watched My flock with justice, but those who are righteous for it can hardly have room with their work near those who are called shepherds only for their glory upon people. The holy fathers have brought in one single day of feast My three hierarchs: Basil, Gregory and John; the shepherds who sacrificed themselves for their resemblance with Me, becoming an example for those who want to be shepherds of souls, only that My glory is sufferance, the cross carried with difficulty, a life given to Me for crucifixion, in the place of those who sinned for their punishment after that. It has remained on earth a great and much instruction of the three shepherds, who are being remembered today in a spirit of the church, persecuted on earth in their time by those who established each other on the chairs of shepherds for their glory. The true shepherd is the one who shows to those who are taught by him how one is supposed to suffer for the healing of those who are healed by him for their salvation from guilt, for the people get hold of guilt for their life without a shepherd upon it, and then they have to suffer for their cleansing to earn back their life wasted in sin. A shepherd of souls shows the man that he sins against the life from God, left for man, and that he has to get healed from sin. Such a shepherd with mercy on the people struggles against the enemy of the man’s life and then he gets wounded in the place of those who are healed, and those who shepherd in this way take after Me. I, the Lord, the Shepherd with the cross on My back and then placed on it by being nailed, full of wounds on the way of the cross for the life of the shepherded sheep, will stand in judgment against the thieves, against those who have taken the glory of the shepherds into My name, forgetting how a real shepherd is supposed to be, grazing the people in My 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1