The Word of God in Romania 2009.12.08 - The Word of God at the feast of the S

2009.12.08. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Saint martyrs Catherine and Mercurius 2 In a day of feast of the saints I become word over the Romanian people, for I am its Shepherd and I shepherd it. I am the Lord Jesus Christ and My Father Sabaoth has submitted everything to Me and has given Me all the power in heaven and on earth, and behold, I am saying now, in the end of the time, coming in the midst of the heaven as an eternal Gospel for those who live on earth and to every nation, tribe, language and people, and I am calling out in a loud voice: «Fear God and praise and worship Him for the time has come to judge the living and the dead!» as it is written. Amen. I am coming down into your midst as word, My people of Romanians, for I have picked you up and made you a faithful people to work by your faith the Scriptures of My coming with the harvest, as the time has come for the harvest. I am coming down to you with the saints, son, to strengthen you in your watch and faith and in great holiness of spirit, soul and body, for we have to keep God’s commandments and we have to keep My testimony within great work, because it is the time to stand victorious within the fight against satan, «the old serpent, which got up and wants to stand up with power to deceive those on earth by his signs», as it is written, and whoever has understanding from above considers it well and reveals the work of the beast, on which satan has power. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.) I am with the saints into your midst, My people from My spring of word, and I have My martyr Catherine on the feast with the saints, and with her is the martyr Mercurius, both workers with Me in the time of My today’s work on earth. The martyr Catherine overflows with her spirit the wisdom, which I, the Lord, gave her before the wise people on earth to bring them to Me by their faith helped by her to be in them, and My martyr works into the midst of My people and the disciple Mercurius stays with My saints and with Me in a great work for the over- flowing of the cups for the cleansing of the iniquity on earth and for the fight with the ene- mies of the work of My coming to you, son, My people, and this is how I have worked with armies of saints near you and I give you wisdom to know to take into consideration My time with you, the fulfilling of the Scriptures, for behold, we are in a fight and we overcome by the wisdom from above, by My grace and by the obedience to My advice, because satan’s anxiety is great now, when he sees that his hard labor for seven thousand years to destroy the man has been lost. I am the little Lamb of the Father and I am victorious now, in the end of the time, with My work of word over the earth, and satan is afraid of My victory, but we have always, always needed great watch, My people. We are staying in a great work of word on this day with the Romanian people, which has had now to overcome by war the great and hidden work of the red beast, (The Communists and their successors, r.n.), who have been struggling in secret to take over again the control over the Romanian people. Oh, no, because I have been watching with all the heaven of saints and angels, spread everywhere the lots have been cast for the helmsman of My ship, the Roma- nian country, My country from the end of the time, and I have overcome, but I had to set you to great watch, to great sacrifice of prayer and holy faith and to days of fast for the victory 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1