The Word of God in Romania 2009.09.11 - The Word of Got at the feast of the b

2009.09.11. The Word of Got 1 at the feast of the beheading of the Saint John, the Baptizer 2 I am surrounded forever with angels and saints and the whole heaven is My throne but My heart, step and thought are only to you, only to you, My people of today. I always, always exhort you from beneath, but I also exhort you from above to be with Me as much I am with you and near you and to take care of Me as I take care of you, My people, for only in this way our union does not come to an end and does not go to the sides, oh, and how much I would like to speak with you, My people! Oh, My way is hard with you, because I have great weakness in the gates and I have great sufferance in heaven and on earth and there is no comfort for it, and My way of word is hard, for I have not got any help from the earth to carry it easily to the man between Father and man. I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, but am always aggrieved and man thinks only at his pain and he does not know what love is and he does not know what mercy is if he thinks only at himself, and the mercy in him is for him and for man and man does not have any mercy on God, even if he knows that without God he would not be anything, for everything of his being is from Me by the soul that I give him when he is born of man on the earth and by the mercy that I sent through everyone that lives from Me and is for man. There was once a man on the earth who got upset with Me because his fruit in the garden did not grow due to the weather that I sent and which was not good over his garden, that the rain did not come when was needed, and the same was with the warmth of the sun. Then God came to an agreement with him to ask from ghosts to give as he pleased over his garden for its good harvest. The man called the rain when he wanted it to come and the same was with the warmth, and the weather was at his wish, as he thought that it was needed for his garden to bring forth full harvest, but when it was about the fruit to grow ripe he noticed that the whole fruit in his garden did no longer grow ripe. And poor of him, was humiliated and repented because of his disobedience and because of his boldness that made him discontent for how much I was giving him in his garden, and then I told him this: “You had at your wish rain and heat then when you wanted it but you were not wise like God. I, the Lord, have sent on to the earth it due time the wind and its coolness without which nothing grows on earth, for the wind has in its wisdom the mystery of fruition of everything that grows and it gives each one of the mysteries it carries from God for their full growth, for they grow each other by the mystery of the wind, which opens up its work and voice over everything and gives them from God to grow, and without wind and its work nothing can grow on earth.” I, the Lord, come on to the earth with the wind and I am accompanied by its noise when I come and this is how those who receive Me to come and speak with you hear Me, My people on the earth, people of My word. Oh, man does not want to know the heavenly mysteries, God’s mysteries with him, and that is why man is not thankful on the earth, when he could be so happy with God if he has always wanted to be full of God, full of love like Me, full of working grace and speaking like the wind, which carries on its mysterious wings, on its whisper bearing all the heavenly powers and their Lord. Oh, man does not want to know and to understand God the Word to be wise, intelligent and watchful from Me for him, and not from him. I come on the earth to guide the man and to help him to live from Me, not from him, for there was once on earth John, the Baptizer, who baptized Me and he lived from Me and did not die by his living deprived of earthly work, but he lived through Me and by his love of God, 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1