The Word of God in Romania 2009.08.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the L

2009.08.19. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration 2 I am announcing Myself at the gates with the feast of today and My gates are opening up and I am coming in as word into My book of today, and I am announcing Myself again in this day with a new feast at the spring for those who coming to tell them the word of My coming and that they may stay for a moment with My people from the spring and with My people from everywhere, which stays in My wills and always, always waiting for My coming to it that I may keep it always awake for My coming, for he who does not watch for My coming that one does something else on earth, and that one always makes himself as he likes it to be, and he does many things for himself as he likes to be able to do. In a spirit of blessing I am declaring a blessed trip to the spring of My word for those who are coming to the spring on the day of the celebration of My mother Virgin, a day of comfort for her and for Me, Who long so much after the man and after My rest in him and with him, for My joy is the man who rejoices over Me and with Me on the earth in a time of unbelief upon people, in time of sufferance for God. Oh, come, come, you those who want the land of My blessing of today and the spring that flows from it, the spring of My glory, of which the angels and the saints eat and all those who hear My voice at the spring! Come so that I may comfort you and teach you to be worthy of the comfort with which I come from the Father for those who are faithful, who, like Me, are the sons of My Father by the power of their faith, by their love for Me, and whom I always want to give to My Father, as I always come on the earth and I always become the man’s way to the Father, the way of My saints from the earth and up to heaven! Oh, come to teach you to be only Mine, for I am the eternal One, and those who are Mine are like that too! Come to teach you self denial, which is the man’s path to God, a path which is blocked backwards and opened only forwards and it has as its end the eternity for happiness for those who love it like Me, the eternal One by My origin! Oh, may you be blessed for your coming to the spring and be good in your spirit, soul and body, and learn to be always, always good, for the most obedient are those who listen to Me as I teach them from the spring how to be and how the man is supposed to stand before Me on his way on the earth, on his way to heaven! Peace to you, and may your heart and trip to the spring be sweet! Amen. Oh, My little people from the spring, you have grown weary from your hard work with Me, but throughout your entire exhaustion strengthen yourself son, because we have to prepare the day of celebration for My mother Virgin, when the guests come to the spring to drink and to fill their hearts with longing, for the longing is the grace that keeps the man in God and drives the man to Me, Who am the comfort of the faithful and holy man by faith and longing after God, and then by his obedience to Him. Oh, My tired people for Me at the spring, as I gave Abraham the land of Canaan, in the same way I have given to you this land, on which I am glorifying Myself now, in the last days, with the glory of My word for the fulfilling of the promises which I have been preaching for fifty years for a faithful people, who is and who will be more and more beautiful by the glory of My word upon it and by its faithfulness before Me. I have taken you from your land and 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1