The Word of God in Romania 2008.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption - Page 8

2008.08.28. their stones to kill with them the one they caught to be put to death, and their judgment was greater than the wickedness by which they wanted to punish the wrong one, and behold, the man cannot hide behind another man, for no one is righteous before God, but on the contrary, he who tries to blame the man is no other than the one who went wrong more than that one. The man is sinful and has to humiliate himself and not judge, for it is written: «He who judges has already been judged». And how does that come? The sin in man is that which judges the sin of another man, for the man is not like God, Who does not judge, because God is Savior and is not the man’s Judge as man is, poor of him, the man who is judged by his own sin. Oh, do not judge sons! Forgive and you will be forgiven, as my Son said! While I was on earth I helped, cleaned and embraced all the sinners, all the sick people and I taught them and loved them and I shared only love, only mercy, only peace, only goodness. He who wants to be loved, that one cannot love, but he who loves himself does not seek after love, but he only shares it. Behold, the first woman loved herself, and she wanted to be loved and caused death upon man, and the second woman did not want to be loved, but she loved instead, and shared love upon man, love and life, for it is a great mystery for the man to be born of heaven and not from the earth. Oh, seek after your birth from above, that which comes from God, to have the love of God and to share it around, you, sons and daughter on earth! Oh, do not remain in your birth from your fathers, for the body you have from your parents stands against the Spirit from heaven. Seek to be filled with the longing of the homeland from above and of its invisible things and lead to it all the people on your way on the earth with the people. My life worked this way as long as I lived among people, and this is how I waited for the sweetest day of my life, the day of my meeting with the invisible things of God, Who made the heaven and the earth, all the visible and invisible things. Be sons and daughters of God’s light! Do not hide from God, but long after Him instead, for the mystery of the creation from God carries in its mystery all the visible and invisible things, from which the man cannot hide. Oh, the man’s sin teaches the man to hide from God and love teaches him to share God so that there may no longer be enmity between man and God and between God and man because of man’s hiding from God. Love God and love Him like me and like John, to whom my Son gave me into his care when He went to the Father! Be wise through those in heaven, not by those on earth! Become sons of the wisdom from above, which makes you heavenly in your heart, love, look and work! Save the people from their judgment, by teaching them the cleanness of the heart to each other and to God and the merciful help, for he who does not judge his neighbor, that one is not from the earth but he is from heaven instead, and such a man escaped from judgment. Oh, the mystery of love is great! It teaches you the things from heaven, not from people. The haughtiness and the judgment that comes from it are learned from people and humility is learned from God and through it the lack of judgment. Amen. Oh, my dear Son, I have been in this day of birth giving from above of the man who comes and hears Your voice here, at the spring, the voice which gives birth to a new man from it and which makes the man God by Your grace, which flows and makes divine there where it is set. Be glorified, be blessed by those who love You on earth as in heaven, oh, Lord, oh Son of the Father Sabaoth, oh, my Son, of the mother Virgin, who brought You from the Father to the man on earth to be with the man and to come back again to the Father and to come again, as You have already come again fulfilling the Scriptures of Your coming by which You an- nounced then Your coming of today. Amen, amen, amen. 8