The Word of God in Romania 2008.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption - Page 7

2008.08.28. fell because of its haughtiness, because its haughtiness made it forsake You and forget You, Lord. However, You had accompanied the people with great word to support it somehow and that it might not deny You among the nations. You made it the light of the nations in that time, for You were that light into its midst. However, it became darkness, for it hid from Your com- mandments and it did no longer have You as its Savior, neither You nor Moses, for woe to the one who doubts after he believes before he sees! You are hidden within Your mysteries, but the man is not like that, he does not work like that and he is Your enemy instead, dear Son, and he makes You fear, Lord, for I know this fear that comes from man, and it made me suffer deeply when I had You on earth as my Son, given from God to me, to give You birth, to grow You and to protect You from the man who is enemy to God. However, both God and man fears the man hidden in himself and in man, and again, a man like that is afraid of God and hides, and he is also afraid of man and hides from man, for the one who is hidden in his self and in man breathes fear into another man near him, and the spirit of hiding is felt near when it works from man upon man. Oh, the man will speak to himself that this is how God works as well. Oh, man, oh, man who do not love light, do and work everything that the one around you can see and you will be saved from the sin of hiding and you will do well to the man, as God does, and only then you will be able to say that you work like God. Once a king, harsh in his nature and warlike, was passing by on the way with this army, armed for war, and there he met two holy people in his way and they were running away to hide, and the harsh king called them out following them and then he spoke to them: if you are with God then why are you hiding, why are you afraid? However, they answered him: we are not afraid for us, oh king, we are afraid for you lest we may cause some sin to you, and that is why we hide from your face. Oh, behold how much love, how much spirit loving of people overshadows those who love God and man. You, those who have been drinking today from the spring the spirit of the wisdom of God’s mystery, come and learn from God, for the time is dear now and you have to use it for God and not for you. Give your time on earth to the Lord as I gave it to Him! Help each other to the way of the heavenly mysteries, for the Lord stays again with the man in the word and leads him to the mysteries of the life, as He had lead Israel for forty years in the wilderness of the nations on earth to the land of promise. Let the love for God replace in you the love, which takes the man out of God. Learn the love of God and its mysteries from above! Love in heaven, do not love on earth, and help each other for God’s mysteries as Joseph helped me on my way for the Son of God, Who became my Son on earth! Oh, how much he helped me, how much he loved me, how much he concealed me before the people for the word of the Son of God in me and then for His coming to the people, as the time of the Scriptures decided to be so! The love for God needs to have witnesses on the earth as I had even from the beginning of my life among people and to its end on the earth. In the same way they should have witnesses and love for man, as I loved and had witnesses of my love for man, for I had always loved them and done good to them on their way to heaven, and I was giving my heart to them for I needed the man’s love to give it to God with the whole man, but behold, the man’s sin does not want to have witnesses, rather he had the devil as his witness, as the first man built had God and the devil as the witnesses of his haughtiness, because the man can hide neither from God nor from the devil and then my Son saw satan falling down from heaven like lighting because he bowed to man’s haughtiness, to man’s will. When the unfaithful brought the sinful woman to judgment for my Son to judge her, He was revealing with his finger on the ground their written sins, the sins of those who prepared 7