The Word of God in Romania 2008.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption - Page 5

2008.08.28. has made again a new heaven and a new earth, a new Jerusalem and a new people, as it is written into the Scriptures to work, I, the little Lamb of the Father, for those who are redeemed by Him from among people to be My kingdom on the earth. Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! I come to an end with My word and again I will speak it to the end of the day, and to the end of the day I will give it to you as your food. Amen, amen, amen. * This day of feast is the comfort of My mother, the Virgin, the greatest day in her life on earth. This day is a day of comfort, and I, the Lord, want that those who are fed with the voice of My mouth to know that My mother, the Virgin, has put all her longing into this day, for after I went to be again with the Father after My resurrection, I left her the longing after this day, the longing after God, a longing greater than the one when she had waited for Messiah to be born on the earth among people as it was written in the Scriptures to be fulfilled. You, those who have come together in this day at My voice feeding of souls, learn from My mother, the Virgin, the longing after God as she did, for she had been waiting with an unquiet longing, day and night, her union with the homeland from above, with the Father and the Son and with the Holy Spirit and with all the heavenly and angelic hosts. She knew entire what it meant God and the country from above, made ready like a bride, adorned for her Bride- groom, the eternal day, which she received as a gift forever when I came and passed her the border between the visible and invisible things of God’s creation. The creation of the heaven and the earth, the creation of God carries in it all the visible and invisible things, and I want the man to know what God’s creation means and what God means. I, the Lord, stay seized within endless pain that the man does not know what God means, where He is and where the man is. I want the man know that he cannot hide from God and that the man makes Me suffer from an endless pain. After I built the man and put My spirit of life in him, he immediately exalted himself, he became haughty and then he immediately hid from God; he felt in his body to commit this sin and this was his separation from God, Whom he perceived as his enemy. Oh, behold, what sin teaches man! The sin has the most hidden face and carries in it its seen and unseen things. I want to make the man used to let himself be made by God, that God may be made by grace so that there may no longer be enmity between him and God because of the sin hidden in him and which he cannot hide from God. You, those who come at the spring of the wisdom of God’s mysteries, of the visible and invisible things of God, learn from Me that the man has in the creation that the makes, the visible and invisible things worked by him and which God knows them all very well. Men are enemies and killers to each other, and I want to make the man get used to understanding that which he does not understand by everything he does. The man has his fallen nature within him, the hiding from God, not the hiding from man, for if he had not in him his hiding from God, he would not have his hiding from man either. The hiding between man and man is enmity between them and it is nothing else, and I came on earth two thousand years ago to teach the man what light is, for there is great sufferance on man and in man because of his hiding from God and from man. The man who hides with the invisible things worked by him before God and before man is seized then by the fear that comes from hiding, and this sufferance was born by man in 5