The Word of God in Romania 2008.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption - Page 4

2008.08.28. Oh, be gentle and humble in your heart, humble in your conduct and appearance! Come out of the world for the world has come to its end, and the Lord to the beginning! He who stays in the world, that one drinks of its wine, either he wants it or not, and he who comes out of it, that one drinks of the Lord’s wine, from His table, from His graces, which become God’s glory over those who stay under grace. Take, eat and drink from the Lord’s mouth, for the word of His mouth glorifies itself on the earth and calls the man to life, to the love of God, and the dead to resurrection! The day comes and those who are asleep will come to life and will testify about this word and about this place of spring of my Son. Oh, what will do then, those who deny this coming of His after man? (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead”, r.n.) Oh, Son, Emmanuel, we go to those who have gathered at the spring and give them healing and faith, for this world gives falling and unbelief to the people, Lord. On this day we sit at the table with them and then we will give them exhortation again, for it is a great feast of word over those who come together in my day of feast at the spring of Your word. I have com- forted You with my coming over those who have come to hear from heaven and to receive com- fort. Oh, comfort them, for You are the Comforter and Savior, oh, my sweet Son and God. Amen, amen, amen. – I comfort them, mother, and I will comfort them again in the course of the day. We embrace them at the dawn of the feast and We will embrace them again in the word to the end of the day, and the Father will have comfort from this work set before Him, for the will of the Father is man’s sanctification, oh, My mother, sweet in word as your love for man, for you were sweet for man, mother, in all your time on earth, and this is how you are also now from the heavenly glories when you comfort those that are faithful to Me, mother. Amen. Oh, My sacrificing people, I bow to thank you because you have prepared a day of feast and stopover for those who come after Me and after you to listen to My voice. Be content and thankful, for it is a great work with Me for you to prepare a table for Me so that I may dine with the man and to exhort him to a life without death on earth and to make him a son of holiness, a son of the power, which overcomes the world in man. Amen. And you, those who have come at the spring with longing in your bosom, I have re- freshed you with the river of life, (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.) and I will refresh you again and again and I will teach you in the course of the day and send you My entire comfort, My entire exhortation, and you are to give away all your worldly worry, and be like angels on earth, for I, the Lord, do not ask you that which you are not able to do, and that is why I ask you only what the love for God can do. The love of God casts out fear and it casts out sin, for sin brings about fear over the man’s heart. Where there is not God’s grace, there fear is and there sin is. Oh, love God and come here to the spring to learn to love God! Come and learn, for I have at the spring those who teach the man from God! Come to meet God and you will receive life as a reward. Soon, soon, there will be nothing on earth and there will be only those who love God and will receive their life as a reward. Amen. I come soon, and My reward is with Me and I will give life to those who love life. Amen. I am in the midst of the people with this spring of word, for the man without food from heaven on him dies; he has always died. Let the man come to learn from Me life by this word, for I have come again from the Father to the man, and I work with the glory which I have had from the Father before the foundation of the world, and this glory which I have from Him is the world of My mouth, the world which made the heaven and the earth, and which 4